Short Shaking | Earthquake Centered Under Snoqualmie Valley, Felt by Many

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 3:22PM, Washington State experienced a 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered directly under the Snoqualmie Valley.

Initially the USGS said the small quake was centered at 47.521 N and 121.824W, or downtown Snoqualmie near Mount Si High School according to a location map, at a depth of 16km.

Later USGS reports said the earthquake was actually centered at 47.519°N 121.697°W or 6km miles northeast of Tanner, WA – just outside of North Bend (under the Mt. Teneriffe trail) at a depth of 19.2km.

Numerous Snoqualmie Valley residents reported feeling their homes shake for a short time and ‘hearing’ the quake, but so far no one has reported any damage. The Shakemap measured the 4.0 earthquake a “IV,” meaning the ground shaking produced was considered light.

Residents as far north as Duvall and Carnation also reported feeling the short earthquake, but it was most intensely felt in North Bend and Snoqualmie according to the USGS, “Did you feel it?” response tracking system.

One Snoqualmie resident described it as being “super short, but definitely shook the walls.”  Another resident said her home made the sound it makes during the first big wind storm of the year.


Earthquake report for USGS, centered under Snoqualmie on 9/12/15. Photo: USGS website screnshot
Earthquake report for USGS, centered under Snoqualmie on 9/12/15.


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 7.07.50 AM
Photo: USGS website screenshot

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  • Actually, the latest USGS update shows the epicenter 6Km NE of Tanner, outside North Bend, ie near Mt Tenneriff. Within 10min after the quake, USGS initially showed the epicenter under Rattlesnake Ridge Mtn (makes sense, since the Seattle Fault line runs under that about where Snoqualmie Point Park is at). But is has changed twice since on their map, along with depth data, as they gather & interpret more sensor data. They currently show it at 47.519/-121.697 at depth 19.2Km occurring at 22:22:12UTC (3:22:22PDT).

  • I am located in Fall City and my entire house shook and seemed to “jump” – I could visibly see the walls and evrything move. No damage and it was very short – I heard a large “booming?” sound and a 1/2 second later the house shook/jumped (lasted for only 1 second) and nothing since then.

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