Driving School Vehicle Collides with Stalled SUV on I-90; SUV driver faces vehicular assault Charges

A Shield Driving School instructional vehicle was involved in a serious, two-car injury collision on eastbound I-90 just west of SR 18 around 1PM, April 5, 2015.

No students were in the sedan at the time of accident that left the front of the vehicle mangled and closed the left two lanes of I-90 for about two hours.

According to Shield Driving Teacher and North Bend resident Felicia Stone, company owner, Robert Wilson, was the car’s only occupant. He was returning to the school’s Snoqualmie location after taking the vehicle for a routine oil change when the collision occurred.

Wilson could not avoid an SUV that reportedly stopped/stalled on the freeway and slammed into the rear of it. Wilson went to the hospital with some broken bones, but Shield employees said he would be okay.

According to a Washington State Patrol accident report, drugs or alcohol was involved in the collision and driver of the SUV, who ran out of gas on the freeway, is facing vehicular assault charges. The 38-year old Idaho driver was also transported to a nearby hospital.


Shield Driving School car involved in collision on EB 90, 4/5/16. Photo: Michael McCall


SUV involved in collision on EB 90 near SR 18 in 4/5/16. Photo: WSP





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  • Remember to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you! hehe
    Glad no serious injuries.

  • I heard the car stopped in the middle of the freeway and some cars behind made it around, others did not. The driver was arrested for Drunk Driving.

  • Drove through the scene about 10 minuets after it happened, wondered WTF caused it. From 70 mph to 0 the closing rate is PFF. It was nice that a majority of people traveling EB were smart enough to get into the two rt lanes so traffic moved pretty smoothly through the scene.

  • I heard employees from Lake Side Industries were quick on the scene to help so amazing !! Thank God! and thank you Lake Side for your help!! safety is a culture and lifestyle !

  • Living Snoqualmie