Driver ‘very fortunate’ after t-bone collision with logging truck on Snoqualmie Parkway

According to Snoqualmie Fire Department Lt. Jake Fouts, a female driver was “very fortunate” after colliding with a logging truck at the intersection of SE 99th Street and Snoqualmie Parkway near I-90.

The accident occurred around 8:20AM, January 25, 2019. Lt. Fouts said the small car was attempting to pull onto Snoqualmie Parkway from 99th when she was t-boned by the large logging semi truck. Police said the collision “was the result of someone waving a car through and the driver not making sure that it was clear to do so.” The woman sustained minor injuries – no airbags deployed – and was transported to a local hospital.

Fouts said when SFD received the call they were prepared for the damage and injuries to be significant, but luckily the woman was able to get herself out of the damaged vehicle.

It was estimated the truck was traveling around 25-30mph and the car around 10-15mph. Lt. Fouts said even with the low speed collision, the impact caused load to become unstable, requiring all of the logs to be offloaded before the truck can be moved from the middle of Snoqualmie Parkway.

One lane in each direction was getting by the accident scene. Fouts said it might be a couple of hours before the truck could be removed from Snoqualmie Parkway.

The Snoqualmie Police Department managed the accident scene and closed Snoqualmie Parkway around 9:50 AM in both directions to clear the truck. The roadway re-opened around 10:15AM.

Accident scene on Snoqualmie Parkway, 1/25/19
Logging truck involved in 1/25 accident. PC: SPD

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  • No surprises here. Every morning there are “white knights” holding up traffic in the right lane to wave people in/out of that street.

    Hope the waiver was cited for being an idiot. Not only stupid, but it is also explicitly illegal for non law enforcement to direct traffic at intersections. This is why.

  • Living Snoqualmie