Driver alert: The Third Major Construction Project Begins July 15 in the Snoqualmie River Valley. Closures Affect Local Drivers and Bicyclists on Many Popular Routes

*Editor’s Note: These projects have been posted separately over the past few weeks. This post is a reminder of all the construction work coming up.

King County is starting another major road construction project in the Snoqualmie River Valley. On July 15, contractor crews near Duvall will close NE Woodinville-Duvall Road west of Duvall to all traffic to remove and replace the bridge deck over the Duvall Slough.

This is the third major project in the area. On July 8, contractor crews completely closed 244th Avenue NE near SR 202 for slide repair work. Last month, Road Services closed Ames Lake Trestle Bridge to replace the old timber structure completely.

Summer 2024 is a very busy construction season in the Snoqualmie River Valley. King County Road Services has a few warm, dry months to complete a long list of safety projects, from bridge replacements to pothole repairs to paving.

King County does its best to coordinate road work and road closures. Travelers can do their part by checking the web and looking for closure information before they head out.   

Major active projects with full road closures:

Duvall Slough Bridge, NE Duvall-Woodinville Road, west of Duvall

  • July 15: six-week total closure 
  • Contractors will remove and replace portions of the old, cracked bridge deck surface, rebuild both approaches to the bridge, and replace expansion joints, which allow the bridge to expand and contract during hot and cold temperature changes. This work improves safety, extends the bridge’s useful life, and provides a smooth, safe travel surface. (Note: this is NOT the bridge over the Snoqualmie River). The county also plans to do maintenance work on three other bridges inside the road closure area. 

 244th Avenue NE between SR 202 and just before NE 30th Street 

  • July 8: six-week total closure 
  • Contractors will build a deep construction pit to build a stabilizing retaining wall near Redmond-Fall City Road/SR 202. This project improves the safety and stability of the road and extends the life of this roadway. 

Ames Lake Trestle Bridge, Ames Lake-Carnation Road NE between West Snoqualmie Valley Road   

NE and NE 52nd Street 

  • June 24: eight-month total closure 
  • Contractors will remove and replace a 100-year-old timber trestle bridge. The new bridge is wider, straighter, stronger, and more stable. The project improves traffic flow and safety.  

 NE Tolt Hill Road Slide near Carnation and SR 203 

  • May 28: 14-week single-lane closure 
  • Contractors will build a new retaining wall along the west approach to Tolt Bridge. This project improves the safety and stability of this road and hillside. 

 Other construction work 

Road Services Maintenance crews continue to pave roads, fill potholes, clear brush, and maintain drainage systems throughout the summer. This improves safety, improves traffic flow, and extends the life of our roadways.

The work often requires road, lane, or shoulder closures. Our customer service teams post the daily closures on MyCommute. Consider bookmarking this page and check it before you leave. 

  Pack your patience and know before you go 

We have many ways to stay informed about road closures:  

 Signs are for everyone! 

Whether it’s a posted sign in a work zone or a worker in an orange vest with a stop paddle, all signs are for all travelers. This includes drivers, bicycle riders, all other rollers, and pedestrians.

Work zones are for workers with safety plans and the right gear. Stay alert! King County wants you to stay safe and enjoy the entire summer as we work to build a safer road system.


[Information provided by King County Local Services]

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