District Offers Active Threat Crisis Training to students, parents

If you have a SVSD middle or high school student, tonight could be a chance for an honest conversation about a topic that is often times frightening for many students and parents to even think about.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016, the Snoqualmie Valley School District is bringing an important assembly to students and teachers crisis-reality-trainingacross its middle and high schools – one that is described as “a very realistic approach to a timely and often emotional topic.” That topic is school shooters.

According to the district’s website, it is “continually reviewing methods, resources and staff training opportunities to bolster safety and emergency preparedness in all schools. Feedback from the community, via the District’s most recent Thoughtexchange engagement activity, also confirms that school safety remains a priority for families.”

As the number of incidents of “active shooters” grows across the country – in schools, offices, churches, theaters and shopping centers – the district says it is starting an important conversation and  bringing in Jesus Villahermosa to speak to all middle and high school students about Crisis Reality Training.

A former SWAT team members and Pierce County Sheriff’s sergeant, Villahermosa is an expert in the field of responding strategically to active threats. The district explained the program’s focus is Lockdown, Evacuation and Survival Tactics (L.E.A.S.T.) – a very realistic approach to the often emotional topic of school shooter threats.

SVSD is also inviting Mr. Villahermosa to speak and answer questions at a district-wide parent/community meeting. The FREE parent presentation will take place at 6PM – 8PM, Tuesday, October 11th, at the Mount Si High School Auditorium. Due to the content and delivery aimed more towards an adult audience, this will be a “parents only” event.

For more information on Mr. Villahermosa and his Crisis Reality Training visit www.crisisrealitytraining.com

Crisis Reality Training Assembly Schedule

Tuesday, October 4th

  • 8AM –  Twin Falls Middle School
  • 10:15AM –  Mount Si High School
  • 1:15 PM –  Chief Kanim Middle School

Tuesday, October 11th

  • 9AM  – Two Rivers (high school)
  • 10:30AM – Two Rivers (middle school)


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  • Does anyone ever notice that the high frequency active shooter targets cluster around places that ban lawful carry?

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