Discover Mountain Biking at Snoqualmie Point Park

Mountain biking enthusiasts of all skill levels can now explore the world of mountain biking at Snoqualmie Point Park.

In partnership with The Line Experience in North Bend, the City of Snoqualmie offers valuable mountain biking resources and rental services near a popular trail system for bikers and hikers. The park’s Trailhead kiosk, open on weekends throughout the fall, is a hub for this exciting venture.

Parks and Public Works Director Mike Chambless expressed, “The close proximity to the Raging River Trail System makes Snoqualmie Point Park the ideal location for this recreational opportunity.”

The Trailhead kiosk opened on September 23, and it has attracted a consistent flow of interest and rentals, with staff on hand to assist riders with maintenance issues.

The Line Co-Founder Sheryl Tullis shared their goal: “Our mission is to help more people access the sport by providing affordable rentals, instruction, and advice on where to ride. We’re committed to diverse participation and respectful recreation on public lands.”

The Line Experience, Inc. specializes in mountain bike rentals, education, trail guidance, and suspension services. In addition to managing the Trailhead kiosk, The Line will oversee inspections and coordinate quarterly work parties to enhance the Fisher Creek Bike Park trail system.

The City Council has approved a three-year lease agreement with The Line Experience, with an expected revenue of $22,000 for the City through this licensing agreement.

For further information, please visit:

Website:THE LINE | Bike Experience (



  • North Bend HQ & Shop: 1130 E North Bend Way, North Bend, WA – 425-292-9135
  • Trailhead @ Snoqualmie Point Park: 37580 Winery Rd, Snoqualmie WA – 425-365-3128

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