Dick’s Drive-In Food Truck Announced: Could it come to Snoqualmie?

Seattle’s iconic burger joint Dick’s, is launching a food truck this November to bring their iconic Seattle burgers and shakes to different cities in the area. And Dick’s wants our help deciding where it should go first.

Customers can choose from a list of cities where they would like the food truck to make its first stops. Dick’s intends to send the truck all over the region to serve customers and fans who can’t make it to one of their seven current locations in Seattle, Edmonds and Kent. If you want the famous burgers to come to Snoqualmie, North Bend is NOT on the list dangit; online voting starts today.

Click here to vote.

Although we tried mightily in 2017 to get one of the infamous restaurants on the Eastside, alas, it was not to be. “When we built our restaurants in Edmonds and Kent, our customers helped us decide where those restaurants should be,” said Jasmine Donovan, President of Dick’s Drive-In. “And while it takes over a year to build each new restaurant, with the food truck, we can reach customers all over the Puget Sound region beginning this fall.”

The Dick’s Drive-In food truck will serve the full menu of burgers, shakes and Coca Cola beverages. “Unfortunately, we could not include our signature fries on this one, but we will have chips,” Jasmine Donovan shared. “However, if this truck is successful, we have plans for more in the future, including a fry truck.” The first truck is going through its final construction at NW Mobile Kitchens, Portland and should be ready by mid-November to head out to one of the new customer-nominated locations.

Dick’s Drive-In is known for its quality food, instant service, low prices, investing in their community and being an excellent employer, with the highest pay and benefits in the industry, including 100% free health insurance for all employees and a $28,000 scholarship and childcare assistance program.

The first location opened in Wallingford in 1954 and today; the family business has five locations in Seattle, one in Edmonds and one in Kent. The company was in the news recently for enlisting the help of customers to send “Burger Love,” boxes of cheeseburgers and hamburgers, to hospital heroes and first responders across the Puget Sound region in response to the COVID crisis. Over 48,000 burgers were delivered.

When Dick’s announced its most recent new location, the online poll asking customers where it should be built received 100,000 votes in 24 hours and almost 200,000 votes total. The winner was South King County and the Kent location opened in December 2018.

Vote today to bring the Dick’s Drive In food truck to Snoqualmie.

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  • PLEASE COME TO SNOQUALMIE!!! I’d like a Dick’s Deluxe, fries and a vanilla shake – every day. At least come out to Issaquah!

  • Would love to see Dick’s food truck bring us some long overdue burgers and fries! Thank you for your consideration!

  • PLEASE don’t bring more competition for the locally owned restaurants in town! They are already struggling, and need all the business they can get! Please support your locally owned businesses.

  • Scott’s Dairy Freeze is crushing it right now. Always a line. Most likely the Dick’s truck will be hitting each town on the list for a few days each at selected times.

  • I am on the board of the Foodbank on Vashon Island. While we could not support a food truck over time, we were wondering if you might come over for a fundraiser for our foodbank. Krispee Kreme and Fisher Skone truck has done so in the past. It could be a great fundraiser for our Island. I personally have been going to Dick’s Drive Inn since I came to Seattle in the 70’s.

  • I think that the City of Snoqualmie is a perfect choice, in that it is accessable to North Bend and Snoqualmie Ridge.

  • Living Snoqualmie