Demolition Begins on Park Street for Future Townhome Project; Neighbors Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Crews began work on one of the five vacant homes and associated garages on East Park Street just west of North Bend Way this morning that are to be demolished for a future project.

Neighbors say there were no legal tenants in the houses, but a well-known local homeless person resided in the white house being demolished now and another house close by with two other people.

This man was seen coming on to the property of neighbor’s homes, using their water, taking things from the homes and trying to get into cars. When the police were contacted, the neighbors were told these people were choosing not to use the local services available to them, which was likely why they were in the abandoned homes.

After being told to leave one house, the man took up residence in one of the other houses with two other people. Activity in the neighborhood increased and residents were told not to approach as drug activity was suspected.

One resident noted that the City of North Bend was more than willing to try and help rectify the situation, but the developer had to finish filing paperwork for the demolition to begin.

This initial site work is part of the planned 25-unit Cade Vu townhome project. The approximate 1.5-acre project site includes land parcels on both sides of E. Park Street.  All required safety precautions will be adhered to during home removal.

The City has issued a demolition permit for this initial work. Clear and grade permits are still in process. Other site work is anticipated to begin this spring.

[Photo: Cade Vu conceptual rendering – NOT final design.]

The Cade Vu project was issued water and sewer concurrency certificates approximately two years ago, thus reserving capacity in City’s water and sewer systems for these future homes.

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  • I lived within a block of this site for over 30 years well before the post office was built. I am glad to see this old house demolished but let me warn the future new Owners of the new Condo development of a few things.
    Every morning at approximately 2 AM and 530 AM you will be awoken To the sound of metal to metal clashing on the loading dock at the post office directly behind you. When you complain remember you’re dealing with the federal government and a post office that will always say they have no money to allocate To help alleviate the problem which is terrible. Your backyard will be constantly illuminated by high pressure sodium lights of the Post Office so please make sure you have room darkening shades on your new condos.
    Maybe the new developer can throw in a set of earplugs When they sell you these expensive Condos.

  • Living Snoqualmie