Snoqualmie Ridge Neighborhood Deer Park The Setting For Another Daylight Break-In, May 2nd

Another home in the Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood of Deer Park home was the victim of a daylight break-in yesterday, May 2nd, around 7:05PM.  The homeowner reported that this is the third Deer Park burglary in the past sixty days.

The homeowners were shaken, but luckily not home at the time of the incident.  The victim says they are usually always home that time of the evening, but just happened to run an errand last night.  Neighbors reported the crime about 7:30PM when they noticed the back gate open.

Like the first break-in, the burglarized home backs to a green belt and city trail and sits at the end of a quiet street.  The thief rang doorbells in the neighborhood, saying his car broke down and needed a compressor.  When he found a home where no one answered, he went to the back of the house and pried open a window.  Jewelry and computers were taken.  The thief was in and out in about five minutes.

A neighbor gave a brief description of the burglar – tall, thin with olive an complextion, carrying a bag – as well as partial license plate number.  It is reported the suspect drove a “suped-up” blue truck.

It was reported that police responded to another possible break-in around 5:30PM, but a security system may have scared off the intruder.

I am really appreciating my security system these days.



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  • Thanks for the news Danna. Scary! I will definitely be keeping the alarm system ON and hope that the barking dog deters any burglers! I love my greenbelt home, but between not feeling safe enough to hike in the woods last week due to our friendly neighborhood murderer (Peter Keller) and now the burglaries, I wonder if the city isn’t safer!

  • Wow, I didn’t even know there was a second break-in, and now there have been 3 rather bold, daylight break-ins? Do police suspect it’s the same guy in all incidents? Thanks for sharing this information!!!

  • Danna, Thank you for keeping us updated. I wonder if the ROA site has put a warning on their page as well.

  • I just got this post from my neighbor. I had no idea. I do know 2 years ago there was a time period of break-in’s as well. Our car was broken into (well unlocked) in our driveway over night. But, this is a good reminder again that this can happen in the safest neighborhoods. Theifs will target anywhere…. we are just the unlucky ones for now. I would hope the police will up the monitoring of the neighborhood since now this is the 3rd one? Yikes!

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