Dahlgren Development Continues with New Developer for Potion of Project in North Bend

In May, New Home Co. announced the purchase of a portion of the multi-family development project currently known as Cedar River Partners, located on SE North Bend Way near the 436th Ave SE roundabout.

It is often referred to as the Dahlgren property, with the townhome portion of the project known as Timberstone. The developer has purchased the stacked-flats portion of the project, which will include eight multi-family buildings.

With construction well underway, the overall project includes 212 multi-family housing units, associated parking, on-site recreation improvements; 2,500 lineal feet of street frontage improvements to North Bend Way; the new roundabout at 436th Avenue SE; storm drainage facilities, sewer, water main and franchise utility extensions; a new, 4-acre City Park; and a new North Bend Way pedestrian-activated Rapid Flashing Beacon crosswalk to connect the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and enhance the safety of trail users and residents.

Though the developer purchasing the stacked flats portion of the project is new, plans are already approved and awaiting permit issuance. New Home Co. plans to build and sell the stacked flats as condominiums rather than apartments, but the developer has not applied for any changes. In addition, the current builder Tri Pointe will continue to build out the townhome product.

The Dahlgren property has a long zoning history in North Bend. The Dahlgren family owned the property since the 1950s. The zoning on the property is Employment Park-1 (EP-1), which allows for more intense manufacturing and industrial uses. In 2010 the property owner and the City worked together to create the Tanner Landing Master Plan Overlay, which allows for residential use and created a City-owned park on the Dahlgren property to be more compatible with the County’s Tanner Landing Park and the City’s vision.

The new city park, the Dahlgren Family Park, will be directly adjacent to and connected with King County’s Tanner Landing Park. Dahlgren Family Park will include play areas, pathways, a picnic shelter, and restrooms. Shortly, King County will be improving the Tanner Landing Park to provide a new vehicle entry using the roadway constructed at the City’s Dahlgren Family Park and will construct a new kayaking and rafting access area to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, additional parking, a boating drop-off area, and a picnic area. 

To follow current and proposed residential, commercial and industrial, and private development projects in North Bend, visit the North Bend Development Projects map.

[Information provided by the City of North Bend]

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  • Sounds like no one wants to build or manage “affordable” apartments in King County. Overpriced and cheaply built is better. Disappointing us again North bend.

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