Crescent Market Unveils Innovative Coffee Bar: Customization and Quality at the Heart of Your Morning Routine

Crescent Market recently announced the completion of their extensive remodel, which features a new high-end liquor and spirits section, a larger inventory of grab-and-go food items, and now an extensive self-serve coffee bar.

Whether choosing between a dark roast or medium roast, coffee with cream or oat milk, the new coffee bar allows patrons to customize their morning experience with up to 10 different flavors of coffee while fulfilling their breakfast needs conveniently and filling up their gas tanks at pumps offering the Snoqualmie Valley’s most competitive fuel prices.

Not just for mornings, the Crescent Market also continues to offer its wide assortment of beverages, from ice-chilled fountain drinks to those more suited for an evening of winding down.

Crescent Market has been a staple in the community for years, known for its quality products and exceptional customer service. The remodeling and expansion of its offerings are just one way Crescent Market continues to evolve and cater to its loyal and new patrons’ needs.

With its commitment to providing great gas prices and excellent conveniences, Crescent Market sets a new standard of what one can expect from their local convenience market.

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  • The coffee options are very nice! What I’m most surprised of is that there has not been any mention of the new Snoqualmie Tribe’s Marijuana shop; “Fire Weed”? It seems like the community might have wanted to have a say but the first I had heard anything about this was when I saw the new placard placed outside the Snoqualmie Gas Station. Casino employees confirmed that Snoqualmie will have a new pot shop…. is this a good thing or a bad thing for our community… I’m not sure?

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