Crack Sealing Project Preserves Snoqualmie Parkway

While new lines on the Snoqualmie Parkway pavement go every which way, the purpose they provide in preserving this roadway is distinct. Crack sealing, or placing an adhesive sealant on roadway cracks, helps preserve existing asphalt by preventing moisture from entering the roadway.

Sealing these cracks now extends the roadway through winter and beyond. Although crack filling may only last one or two seasons depending on the cracks’ activity, crack sealing can last up to 5 years or more.

Said Interim Public Works Director Stephen Clark, “Until the City can repave and resurface the Parkway, crack sealing helps protect the investment the city has made in this critical roadway.”

Project Details

The crack sealing project, which began in August, will seal the Parkway from SR 202 to the south city limits (approaching SR 18). The project cost of $206,830 comes from Snoqualmie Parkway Rehabilitation funds.

Crack Sealing Timeline

Drivers on Snoqualmie Parkway can expect intermittent lane closures as sealing continues through the next few weeks. With good weather, Public Works expects the work to be completed by September 26.

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  • Saw a motorcycle drive across these this morning with the new rain, slid, and almost went down in traffic. Seems a bit dangerous

    1. Yes, the “tar snakes” are well known to the motorcycle community as being VERY slick when wet. They are normally not a problem and can be avoided. But, the sheer number of them on the Parkway makes avoiding them impossible. I’ve never seen so many in my many decades of driving/riding in many states. They are a risk to motorcyclists. A very real risk.

  • Living Snoqualmie