Cougar Sighting At Cascade View Elementary, May 23rd

There was a cougar sighting at Snoqualmie’s Cascade View Elementary School this afternoon, May 23rd.

Parent Tess Hardwick says the sighting occurred during afternoon recess.  Another report says the cougar was spotted on Curtis Ave, right behind the school.  Students and playground duties followed emergency protocol and immediately entered kindergarten classrooms, as they have exterior doors to the playground.

No one was injured.  The playground is fenced.  Students were kept inside for the remainder of the school day.  Staff members walked kids from the building to cars and buses as school let out, which caused delays. Students who walk were accompanied by an adult.

Cascade View does not have woods surrounding it. It is in the retail and residential Snoqualmie Ridge area, backed by homes and adjacent to Snoqualmie Community Park, which is adjacent to area wetlands. Wildlife sightings have been reported before in this adjacent wetland area, K-Bog.

A Komo News helicopter was spotted over the scene filming aerial footage for a story on the sighting that aired on the 4PM newscast.



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  • I love where we live!!!! How often can you lock down due to wildlife? 🙂

  • it does’nt suprise me, Not 5yrs agor it was deep forest that was taken from the wildlife.I was told there was state record size bob cat up in that erea closer to lake alise but it is all the same hill side.Very sad no one thought of the wild life that has been displaced!!!

  • Sort of alarming, mainly because I live across from the wetland where it might be living. Have we ever had any reports of the cougar(s) attacking any pets or residents?

  • […] Here is my logic. Cougars like to chase down stuff that runs.  I run.  I run where cougars have been sighted. […]

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