Construction to Begin on Maloney Estates Subdivision this Week

This week site work is expected to begin on Maloney Estates,  a new 23-unit single-family home subdivision just south of Maloney Grove Ave SE and SE Mt. Teneriffe Place.

Initial site work on the approximate 4.5-acre project will be performed by Fury Construction, which includes clearing and grading, utility installation and street frontage improvements.

Construction access will be off Maloney Grove Ave. Traffic impacts are expected to be minimal but could include intermittent lane closures, where traffic control measures would be in place.

Sitework for this small subdivision is expected to take about one year. When complete, John Day Homes will begin home construction, which is anticipated to take an additional 9-12 months.

The concurrency certificate for the project – which reserves capacity in the City’s public sewer and water systems – was issued in 2015.

Questions can be sent to Doug van Gelder, Development Project Manager, at

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  • Wonderful! John Day filling up another open space with crammed-in homes and the City giving him everything he needs for him and Fury to rape the land over and over. How on earth is the City keeping up with the traffic demands all these new communities make? They’re not! I am hoping and praying The Riley’s don’t ever sell!

  • Living Snoqualmie