Construction of new ‘Tree Farm’ housing development in North Bend starts mid July

On July 10th the City of North Bend announced construction starts next week on the new Tree Farm development – a planned 58-home subdivision located on the east side of Maloney Grove and just south of SE 11th Street.

Per the city, the new housing plat is comprised of three parts: 1) technical analysis, environmental evaluations, preliminary engineering, public notification and comment period, preliminary plat approval, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determination, permitting, and final engineering approval;  2) clearing/grading, infrastructure (sewer, water, storm drainage, dry utilities, roads) construction and final plat approval; 3) actual home construction.

During all three phases, the City of North Bend provides technical reviews, coordination, permitting and inspection services.

The city said property owners living near the new Tree Farm development, were mailed a notice of subdivision application in 2019. Notification was also published in the Valley Record and associated signs were posted along development’s site perimeter.  All are required by state law.

The subdivision is being developed by D.R. Horton. The company plans to finish infrastructure construction and record the final plat in 2021.  Home building is not anticipated to start for some time – in spring/summer of 2021. 

According to a city news release, because construction activities will include a substantial amount of machinery, noise, and vehicles, the following safety measures will be in place:

  • An established “Haul Route” for construction machinery and worker vehicle access: from Exit 32 I-90 traveling along 436th Avenue and onto SE Cedar Falls Way.  From SE Cedar Falls Way, construction traffic will turn left onto Maloney Grove and travel south to the Tree Farm development.  The return haul route will be the same.  [The City will not allow construction access from other roads.  Following construction, the pavement condition will be re-evaluated to determine if construction traffic damaged the pavement.  If so, then the pavement will be upgraded to equivalent or better condition.]
  • Road closures are not anticipated with this project.   
  • Inspectors employed by the city will ensure traffic control measures on Maloney Grove are followed and public safety is not compromised.
  • The grading permit will require contractors to honor allowed work hours, ensure safe street access for the public and provide general cleanup of the right-of-way each day.

North Bend Municipal Code does not allow construction noise from 8:30PM to 7AM on weekdays and 6PM to 9AM on Saturdays.  No construction noise is allowed on Sundays or holidays.

Residents can report work hours violations by call the City’s code enforcement number: 425-888-7645.

Per the construction announcement: “The City of North Bend recognizes that construction in this road corridor could be a significant inconvenience to you.  However, we will continue to make public safety our number one priority.”

Area of new Tree Farm housing development – on old Crown Tree Farm land – near downtown North Bend.
Photo: Google Maps

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  • Great, 200 more cars and 300+ people. Just what we need to keep our small town atmosphere alive.

    1. Agree! BTW, what happens to our water shortage? How is the city resolving the water issue that already exists by adding 58 new homes?

  • And yet North Bend is going to start rationing water because there isn’t enough for the current build out demand. So, they are adding more houses and water demand?

  • This needs to be kept as a park green space ifor children families nstead of greedy developers creating more ugly downtown developments ruining quality of life and reducing water supply and increasing traffic.

  • I had to move out of my home of 4 years because of this development. I’m really bummed about it because it was perfect that’s what we get for people being greedy

  • Living Snoqualmie