Commuter Alert! State Troopers Crack Down on Left Lane Drivers Today

Drivers, ever tried using the left lane to pass only to get nowhere because other cars are just hanging out there, gingerly making their way to where ever they may be going, when they could move over and accomplish that in a different lane?

left_lane_for_passing_only-200x300Did you know the left lane of freeways is technically for passing unless there’s no room to move over a lane? Well if you didn’t, be warned that it is, and today, March 12th, Washington State Patrol Officers will be out looking for violators – or “left lane drivers.”

Specifically, troopers will be cracking down on drivers just hanging out in that left lane when they have room to move over.  If that’s you and they pull you over, you might get warned of a possible $124 ticket and about the dangers of left lane driving – or worse, actually get that ticket.

According to a news report this morning, troopers say drivers who block the left passing lane can cause dangerous driving conditions.  A state trooper interviewed said when cars get stacked behind left lane drivers, they are forced to pass on the right and sometimes make sharp lane changes out of frustration.

Troopers also say left lane driving can lead to road rage, citing times when cars follow too closely behind left lane drivers, trying to get them to speed up or get out of the passing lane.

If you’re out on the roads today, be aware that state troopers will be out in force, looking for left lane drivers. Violating the rule can lead to an expensive $124 ticket.  Freeway left lane rules also apply to two lane roads.

According to 97.3 news radio, state troopers are also riding along with semi truck drivers today in search of cars who drive aggressively around the big trucks.  The news report said too often cars turn in front of semis or dart in and out of traffic near them, not realizing how long it takes the big trucks to slow down.

Troopers riding along with truck drivers today will call ahead to another trooper who will then stop the aggressive vehicle in question and give a warning and/or ticket.

Happy driving Snoqualmie Valley.


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  • I wish that they actually would give tickets to those lame passing line drivers, but I do not believe that they will.

  • And are they going to go after all the truckers who ride WAY to close to the smaller cars? I see more aggressive truck drivers then cars on the road.

  • Living Snoqualmie