City maintenance work may cause water discoloration, odor this week

If you notice your tap water looks discolored this week, the City of Snoqualmie says not to worry.

Via press release the city said their Utilities Division is currently performing regularly-scheduled periodic flushing and valve maintenance of the city’s water system.

According to a press release, the maintenance work will improve water quality and prevent buildup of sediment pockets.

While the system flushing occurs, water customers in Snoqualmie and surrounding areas may notice water discoloration and odor when crews are working in adjacent areas.

The city said this is not a health concern and to clear the “unharmful sediment,” run your taps until the water runs clear.

More info is available on the Dept. of Health website HERE.


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  • Thank you for letting us know, otherwise I don’t know if we would have been notified? Thank you for all that you do!


  • If your potable water is discolored or smells bad, you should not drink it, no matter what the City of Snoqualmie says. Stay safe!

  • Living Snoqualmie