City allocates over $100,000 to local nonprofits in 2017

The City of Snoqualmie announced on December 22,2016 that as part of its annual 1% general fund distribution to human services organizations that serve the greater Snoqualmie Valley, it will allocate $136,000 in 2017 to nonprofits that support children, seniors, individuals and families in need. These organizations provide aid for food, shelter, clothing, counseling and safety throughout the community.

In September 2016 the city opend the application process for local nonprofits to request funding to help their organizations during the 2017 calendar year.  Because the city does not have a social and health services department like many larger cities, it contracts the services through funding to local organizations – and through that 1% allocation of its general fund.

Each year the City’s three-member [volunteer] Human Services Committee recommends to the city council which local agencies and organizations receive the funding.

Via press release, Mayor Matt Larson said:

“The State Legislature gives a very focused mandate to Washington cities, requiring that we attend to the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. Given that Snoqualmie lacks a department of social and health services, we are very pleased to have many strong local partners that can assist the City in more effectively meeting this mandate.”

The following will receive funding in 2017:

  • Congregations for the Homeless – Valley Renewal Center
  • Encompass
  • Fall City Community Food Pantry
  • Friends of Youth
  • Mt. Si Senior Center
  • Snoqualmie Valley Community Network
  • Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank
  • Sno Valley Pet Food Bank
  • Sno Valley Indoor Playground
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • SVSD – Two Rivers School

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  • Are these tax payer dollars? I’m all for paying our fair share but compared to most cities, Snoqualmie taxes are higher than most. A pet food bank, really?? So glad the Mayor is deciding where to put our hard earned dollars!

    1. Yes, I believe so as the city’s general fund comes from tax dollars. The Pet Food Bank is run by Valley Animal Partners. According to its website, it provides pet food to low-income pet owners and feeds about 300 cats and dogs each year.The pet food is distributed at the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank the first Wednesday of each month.

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