City Alert: Low Water Pressure Expected For Deer Park Neighborhood, Monday Night

The City of Snoqualmie says the Deer Park neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge will experience low water pressure beginning Monday, May 5, 2014, at 6PM and lasting through early Tuesday morning, May 6th, no later than 5AM.

The reduced water pressure is in response to bypass work being done on a water connection which will supply water to the new Woodlands Apartment development at the corner of SE Swenson Drive and Snoqualmie Parkway.

Low pressure is expected along SE Swenson Drive (main arterial through Deer Park) from Snoqualmie Parkway all the way east to Weiting Ave SE , as well as on all connecting neighborhood roads.

The Deer Park neighborhood consists of approximately 300 homes.



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  • Wow, what great customer service by the city (that phrase was meant by me as sarcasm!). They just posted a press release about this at 4:30pm, 90 minutes before it’s to begin? Thankfully livingsnoqualmie got the word out as soon as possible, but why wouldn’t this kind of interruption be scheduled in advance by the city, with say 24 hours notice? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this has to be done, and I’ll give the city points for picking the least disruptive period, but again, why fail to notify the Deer Park neighborhood at least 24 hours prior for something that seemingly was already scheduled in advance to accommodate crews and such? Hope someone from the city is reading this blog and might respond…..

  • Living Snoqualmie