Carjacking Surge Hits Snoqualmie: A Growing Concern

In recent times, law enforcement in King County has witnessed a concerning surge in carjacking incidents across various locales, including South King County, Seattle, Bellevue, and now Snoqualmie.

According to the Snoqualmie Police’s social media page, on October 14th, they responded to a report of a robbery in the 38500 block of SE Newton St in Downtown Snoqualmie. The victim, a local resident, had ventured out of his residence around 4:00 AM to go to his car.

Approaching him was an armed individual, clad in dark attire and concealing their identity with a mask, with a black semi-automatic handgun. The armed suspect pointed the gun at the individual and demanded the victim’s car keys and any valuable possessions. Following the victim’s compliance, the suspect fled with the victim’s Toyota Camry, along with other personal items.

On the morning of October 16th, the Tukwila Police located the stolen Camry in the 100 block of Andover Park W. As officers approached the vehicle, an attempt was made to evade law enforcement, leading to the successful deployment of a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver. This maneuver disabled the car at the Klickitat on-ramp to I-5.

Subsequently, three adults found inside the vehicle were apprehended, identified, and later released. Snoqualmie PD responded to Tukwila and took possession of the stolen vehicle. A search warrant, authorized by the King County Superior Court, was executed to collect evidence linked to the carjacking. The search yielded a loaded shotgun with the stock removed, in addition to DNA samples and fingerprints.

The Snoqualmie Police Department continues to investigate this case. Carjackings, once a rare occurrence, have now become an almost daily ordeal in King County. These stolen vehicles are frequently implicated in subsequent criminal activities.

The act of forcibly pointing firearms at individuals during such incidents is not only deeply traumatic for victims and their families but also poses a grave risk to the public.

If someone attempts to seize your vehicle by force, it is strongly advised to relinquish your car and promptly alert law enforcement. Be prepared to provide authorities with a detailed description of both the suspect and your vehicle.

The Snoqualmie Police Department urges residents and visitors alike to maintain vigilance regarding their surroundings and to promptly report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

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  • Apprehended, identified and later released…

    One of these verbs contributes to the problem.

  • I agree with the sentiments of the other commenters here. would appreciate more transparency on how this release was able to happen so quickly and easily. It seems to not fit the offense.

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