Car Theft Suspect Leads Police on Afternoon Chase, Remains at Large

Many North Bend residents noticed police activity Sunday, November 30, 2014, as Snoqualmie Police chased a suspected car thief in the downtown North Bend area around 2PM. One resident described it as a police presence without sirens or speeding cars, with police vehicles parked throughout downtown with lights flashing.

The chase for the car theft suspected ended on foot as a K-9 unit was utilized to help track the suspect described as a male in his 20’s wearing jeans, a thin gray sweatshirt and stocking cap.

A resident living in the search area of North Bend said a police officer and police dog were scene walking through her neighbor’s property and then her property Sunday afternoon.

Around 3:30PM,November 30th, Snoqualmie Police stated the K-9 unit had lost the suspect’s trail in the new Si View area of North Bend, south of downtown. Residents were asked to call 911 if they noticed anyone matching the suspect’s description.

Snoqualmie Police Captain Nick Almquist stated that as of Monday afternoon, December 1, 2014, officers had not located the suspect – that he was “still MIA.”


north bend si view

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  • Snoqualmie is changing and I suspect we’re in for much more in the future with all the changes on the Ridge. It’s really too bad.

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