Car Prowls still plaguing Snoqualmie Ridge; student backpack, new laptop stolen

Car prowls on Snoqualmie Ridge are not something new. Looking at past local police blotter reports, they are pretty common, most often happening to unlocked cars. Sometimes, though, thieves also break into to locked vehicles.

On October 28, 2016, a Mount Si High School student left his vehicle parked and [believed] locked on Eagle Lake Drive, near Palisades Park located on SE Turnberry ST, and carpooled with friends to the MSHS football game in Bellevue.

In the few hours he was gone, someone broke into his silver Acura sedan, rummaged through it and then popped the trunk, stealing a NorthFace backpack filled with school work, a brand new laptop and expensive calculators.

The student believed he locked the doors, but there is a possibility a back door was left unlocked, as no damage to the car’s locks were noticed. The incident was reported to police.

According to Snoqualmie Police Captain, Nick Almquist, car prowls and home break-ins tend to increase regionally during the summer months. SPD reminds people, though, to always check and lock home and car doors regardless of the time of year.

There was another car prowl in Snoqualmie this week (October 23rd) , occurring in the nearby Woody Creek neighborhood. That unlocked vehicle had tools, clothing and other items stolen.

Anyone who saw/noticed anything suspicious between 6PM – 11PM in the area where the October 28th car prowl occurred can call Snoqualmie Police at 425.888.3333


Area near TPC Snoqualmie Ridge Golf course where car prowl occurred on 10/28/17
Area near TPC Snoqualmie Ridge Golf course where car prowl occurred on 10/28/17


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  • When the police emphasize “unlocked cars”, i feel like it puts the blame on the car owner and not the thief. They keep saying it over and over again. What has been done to try and catch the thrives in this area. Most homeowners have done their part and purchased cameras. How can we work together?

    1. Danna, thank you for all of the work you do to get the word out there! I love your articles. I just sometimes feel like we have no help here.

  • I NEVER see the police patrolling the residential areas anymore. Anytime I have called about a concern the person who takes the calls is so rude it makes me not want to call. On multiple occasions I have seen the police racing through downtown Snoqualmie to calls in North Bend. Seems to me like they would rather be police in North Bend where there alot more excitement. They don’t feel like “our” police department anymore.

    1. Totally agree. In 5 years, the only cop I’ve seen in the residential areas of the ridge is during the Boeing Classic when they are safeguarding the tv equipment. I do see car after car running stop lights and speeding through the neighborhoods in evening hours. It’s hard to vote for the prop tax increase when its so unclear what the existing funds are being used on.

  • I believe that is due to agreements with the Salish lodge when the Ridge was built. No streetlights to prevent ‘light pollution’ to the falls area.

    1. Don’t they have huge flood lights to light the falls at night? Sounds again like a BS excuse too not have streetlights. Streetlights like they use around airports, that are greenish in color and not as bright, seem like a practical application in this case.

  • Living Snoqualmie