Car Prowl Wave Hits Snoqualmie this Week, Police urge Residents to be Vigilant

spdThe Snoqualmie Police Department reported on Wednesday,  May 11, 2016 that there have been 12 cars prowls in Snoqualmie over the past few days, all resulting in stolen items. Captain Nick Almquist stated all but two occurred in Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhoods.

According to SPD, the prowls all occurred after dark and in all instances, the vehicles were unlocked, with one incident due to a garage door being left open.

Tuesday afternoon, residents took to local neighborhood Facebook groups, warning others to lock up cars and home doors. According to one post on the Snoqualmie Ridge group, a Deer Park home’s garage door was inadvertently left open overnight which resulted in a car being prowled, as well as the prowler entering the home while the family slept, stealing tablet computers and cell phones that were in the downstairs kitchen.

Other affected neighborhoods (per resident social media reports) include Aster Creek, Eagle Pointe and Ironwood.

The Snoqualmie Police Department is urging the community to be vigilant in protecting cars and property.

  • Lock car doors at all times.
  • Do not leave valuables in cars.
  • Do not leave GPS units or power cords in plain sight.
  • Park in garages or well-lit areas.
  • When parked outside of a garage, remove the garage door opener to protect your home.

To report car prowls or suspicious behavior, please call the Snoqualmie Police Department. During business hours, please call 425-888-3333.  After business hours, please call 911 to be connected with a Snoqualmie police officer.

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  • This is concerning for sure. I think SPD should set up bait cars/homes to catch these degenerates. This is not acceptable in my neighborhood!

    1. We should probably set up several shared high-resolution / night vision security cameras around the ridge. Even if these criminals are on foot, they still had to drive and park their car somewhere around. So security cameras could’ve helped to track them back at least to their car license plate.

  • What is the SPD’s schedule? The SPD new plan to combat this? I hear everyone be diligent from them.. What is the SPD PLAN please? And how about the Heroin camps again? We are seeing strangers with backpacks again. What is the plan SPD? Please.. let us all know.. thank you..

  • How many SPD officers have switched schedules from slack times to these night time occurrences What has changed that ramps up the protection during these car prowl hours?

  • Well, if you’d all slow down and stop crashing into each other and running school bus stop paddles it might free up some officers. JUST TODAY they had to: stake out Ridge St. in front of the YMCA in an effort to keep children from being run over by some of your maniac late-for-work friends and neighbors, deploy the digital speed sign near the bottom of the Parkway to remind people that the speed limit isn’t 60, and respond to the big smash-up off of Jacobia. And I don’t know what else. If you want more police presence for property crimes you should collectively develop a sense of responsibility for what are (and are not) deemed acceptable social norms as far as driving habits go. A civilized community would not tolerate such behavior from it’s citizens.
    Of course, there probably isn’t an app for that.

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