Car, Motorcycle Collision Injures One at Busy Snoqualmie Ridge Intersection

Wednesday evening, November 12, 2014, around 6:30PM, Snoqualmie Police, Fire and Aid responded to an accident at the intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Douglas Ave. Numerous residents reported the heavy emergency response for what appeared to be a serious situation.

A witness to the accident scene reported seeing one injured person lying in the grassy median and a car stopped with its hazard lights flashing in the left lane, while the (presumed) driver tried to assist the injured person. The witness said the person appeared to be in a lot of pain with a possible leg injury.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene minutes later and helped control traffic around the scene. Another witness said by 7PM, EMT’s had the injured person on a stretcher and were preparing to move him/her into a waiting ambulance.

Snoqualmie Police Captain, Nick Almquist, said the accident occurred between a car and motorcycle at the busy intersection that sits adjacent to the Snoqualmie Police Department.

Almquist said the motorcycle driver suffered a leg injury, but described it as “nothing too serious.” The accident scene was cleared within about an hour.

Location of car/motorcyle accident, 11/12/14, Douglas Ave and Snoqualmie Parkway
Location of car/motorcyle accident, 11/12/14, Douglas Ave and Snoqualmie Parkway

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  • I am really tired of watching people run the stoplight up there! It’s ridiculous. So sad this happened, but it’s a great opportunity for all drivers of all vehicles to wake up, be more alert, and stop ‘bending’ the rules to suit their selfish hurry. Sorry — but having nearly been hit by a few drivers while I was two feet into a cross walk, I’m a bit annoyed.
    NL, Bandera

  • Living Snoqualmie