Where Can My Dog Go? Pet Friendly Valley Businesses and Places Where Fido will get the Boot

In her latest column, North Bend resident and pet trainer at  Miss Lola’s Academy for Wayward Dogs, Melissa Grant takes an in-depth look at local businesses where your dog is welcome and the laws that govern just where they can legally go.

Recently I came upon an argument on Facebook about dogs in malls. It was around Christmas and people were noticing a rise in dogs in a local mall. While I’m fairly certain this had something to do with canine Santa visits, it got me thinking about where you can and cannot take dogs in the area – and what the rules are for certain places in Washington state.

Full disclosure…if I had it my way we would be more like France and dogs could go everywhere. Personally, I’d rather see Fido in the mall than finding some toddler there. But remember, I am a childless dog trainer. To me, a dog in a shopping cart at your local grocery store is not a big deal.

However, as much as we see it, it is against the law. Per state statute, with the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed in eating and/or drinking establishments (nor grocery stores).  A service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability. 

So while you may get away with carrying that new puppy into QFC, it is against state statues. As far as malls go, it is up to individual malls to make rules regarding animals within their walls. Many malls count pet stores among their tenants and allow animals on a limited basis, but its best to ask about rules before bringing Fido out shopping with you.

So all this got me thinking about places in the Valley that are dog friendly; places that will allow you to bring your pooch out for a glass of wine (you, NOT the pooch) or who will have a bowl of water ready on a hot summer’s day.  I asked the question on social media and got a TON of responses. I did work to confirm these businesses are dog friendly, but again, it’s always best to check before heading out with your pooch.

While restaurants and grocery stores are off-limits for pooches, there are exceptions to that rule. Two notable exceptions in the Valley are Sigillo Cellars in Snoqualmie and Piccola Cellars in North Bend. Both are dog friendly and allow you to bring your pooch to wine taste with you.  Boxley’s Place in North Bend allows pooches to dine al fresco when the patio is open during the summer months.

Almost every drivethrough in the valley is known for being dog friendly and most have lots of love and treats for their canine clientele. Wanted Espresso, Huxdotter Coffee and The Daily Grind are the coffee stands most often mentioned as being pooch friendly. While Umpqua, Chase and Sno Valley Credit Union are the banks hailed as treat heaven for mutt banking.  Another notable drive thru is the pharmacy at QFC.

Nancy, the owner of Birches Habitat is said to be not just dog friendly but, as an employee said “dog crazy” and welcomes pooches in her store (I did call to confirm that one. Me too Nancy, me too) and we all know Pet Place Market and Ace Hardware in North Bend always welcomes leashed dogs into their stores. Lastly, the Salish Lodge now has a pampered paws program for the fancy dogs among us.

Just remember, if you do decide to take your dog into one of our welcoming local establishments, make sure your dog behaves appropriately. Taking your dog in public is not a right, but a privilege. Let’s help make sure pup-friendly businesses continue to allow our canine companions for many years to come!


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  • Les Schwab Tires in North Bend is also leashed-dog friendly. Whenever I need service there I usually take my dog with me and we go for a walk while we wait on the car, but if we finish before the work is done it’s nice to know she is welcome to sit inside and share a bag of their popcorn with me. Also, I usually take my dog with me when we get our oil changed at Jiffy Lube. We usually go for a run while they service the car, but when we go inside to settle the bill she gets all kinds of doggy affection from the service technicians.

    1. I’ve been told Wildhare Vintage is also pooch friendly – and I know the Bindlestick is too

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