Business Goings: Copper Public House, Ridge Pharmacy Closing Soon

Two Snoqualmie Ridge businesses will soon be closing their doors.

Ridge Pharmacy

While picking up prescriptions on Thursday at Ridge Pharmacy inside the Snoqualmie Ridge IGA, the pharmacist informed my that my next refill will need to be picked up at Bartell’s.

Ridge Pharmacy will be closing their doors by the end of the month…. and according to the pharmacist it wasn’t caused by declining business due to competition from Bartell’s or less shoppers at the IGA since Safeway opened. In fact, the pharmacist said they have very loyal customers and have remained profitable even with another pharmacy across the street.

But, Ridge Pharmacy was purchased during the past year and the new owners are apparently in the process of “getting rid of some assets,” which includes closing Ridge Pharmacy.

According to the pharmacist, most prescriptions are being transferred to the Snoqualmie Ridge Bartell’s in an effort to “make sure customers are taken care of.”

Ridge Pharmacy opened in September 2014, replacing Village Pharmacy that went out of business in July 2013. At the time of that closure, Snoqualmie residents had to drive to North Bend to find the nearest pharmacy.

There’s no word yet if another pharmacy will give it a shot inside the IGA. Good luck to the great staff at Ridge Pharmacy.

Copper Public House

It’s only been 1.5 years since Good Libations LLC purchased and the former Glass & Bottle Bistro on Center Blvd, renaming it Cooper Public House last summer. Along the way, they made some changes, including turning the formerly 21+ wine bar into an “American bistro” that allowed kids.

A big part of their plans were to expand, but it looks like that won’t happen… and the owners will be moving the restaurant.

Early this week the owners explained, posting a moving/closing notice on Facebook:

“From day one, our vision was to expand our space and our offering. For a long time, the property owners were dragging their feet on allowing our expansion plans to go through. This last December, we found out why. To our surprise, the building was sold to a new ownership group. Though we were optimistic the new owners would work with us to bring our plan to life, they have chosen to not execute the expansion agreement. This is – in short – a huge bummer (we had the coolest blueprint plans for a huge restaurant!).

With this opportunity off the table, we’ve decided to pursue our vision elsewhere. With much sadness, we’ll be closing our doors this weekend. Final service will be Friday, February 2nd, 2018.

Please come by this week and enjoy your favorite dishes and libations. The owners will be in on Friday to offer our thanks to the community. Stay posted for future updates as we move on!”

Good Luck to Cooper Public House in their new business pursuits!


Glass and Bottle Bistro during summer 2017 when it closed and rebranded, remodeled and then reopened as Copper Public House

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