Business Comings: Pink light glowing as T-Mobile opens in Snoqualmie Valley

Brown paper had covered the windows of the Snoqualmie Ridge retail space on Center Blvd until early last week, but once the paper was removed a familiar bright pink light glowed through the front windows – making it clear who was opening a store in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Snoqualmie Valley T-Mobile customers no longer have to drive to Issaquah or Sammamish when they have phone issues. The Bellevue-based company has officially opened its first retail store east of Issaquah.

The new T-Mobile store is located at 7726 Center Blvd SE – right between Frankie’s Pizza and Aahaar Indian restaurant – in the former small Cascade Dance Studio space that had sat empty for over a year.

Store hours are Monday – Saturday, 10AM – 8PM and Sunday, 10AM to 6PM.

T-Mobile is the third largest wireless carrier in the U.S. behind AT&T and Verizon with approximately 70 million subscribers.


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  • “The Bellevue-based company has officially opened its first retail store west of Issaquah.” I think you mean the first store *east* of Issaquah. 😉

      1. Last week I pointed out the pink T-Mobile shuttle to a T-Mobile employee and was politely told that the color is magenta. Regardless, welcome to our community.

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