Business Comings & Goings: Empty Snoqualmie Storefronts Finally Find New Tenant, New Restaurant for North Bend

Empty Store Fronts Filling on Snoqualmie Ridge

It’s been a long time since the two storefronts at the corner of Kinsey Street and Center Blvd in the Snoqualmie Ridge retail area have had occupants. The two spaces adjacent Finaghty’s Irish Pub have sat vacant for about 2-3 years – ever since Emerald City Smoothie and a shoe and clothing store closed up shop.  But that’s about to change in the coming months.

Snoqualmie Valley Eye Care will be relocating across the street later this spring, and according to employees, turning the two empty spaces into one, allowing the growing business and its doctors more room to see patients.

According to Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District CEO, Rodger McCollum, Snoqualmie Ridge Medical Clinic will then expand into Snoqualmie Valley Eye Care’s current space next door the busy clinic.  McCollum said they will relocate Dr. Macy Fox, OB-GYN, into the newly expanded clinic.  Fox is currently in a small second floor office above Finaghty’s.

Snoqualmie Valley Eye Care will move across the street and turn two retail spaces into one for their growing business.


New North Bend Restaurant

In North Bend, a new restaurant that had been in the works for months finally opened its doors in early December 2013.

Chang Thai & Pho is located at 131 East North Bend Way, near Selah Gifts and North Bend Bar and Grill in the heart of downtown North Bend. They’re open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, as well as offering happy hour from 2PM – 5PM.

One Snoqualmie resident said proclaimed on Facebook that the new Thai restaurant is great and run by a nice family.

For more information on Chang Thai & Pho, including the menu, visit their website or Facebook page.

Chang Thai & Pho opened in downtown North Bend in early December.
Chang Thai & Pho opened in downtown North Bend in early December.
Chang Thai North Bend interior.  Photo: Chang Thai FB page
Chang Thai North Bend interior. Photo: Chang Thai FB page

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  • Comment of Chang Thai!. We have been frequenting this restaurant for a couple of years. Luna, owner, had the first place on NB Way.. West of Bendigo.. bad location.. awesome food.. She sold her other north end location and came back a year or so later!.. Now we have GREAT Thai food back.. They also DELIVER.. don’t really know the geography of delivery.. but we live less than a mile away. the $6.95 lunch buffet is awesome! Be sure and check it out!

  • I stopped in the new North Bend Thai place hoping for the best. Sadly they don’t live up to Sno Thai on the Ridge. I was dissapointed by their Phad Thai, which is a very common Thai dish, that lacked flavor and sauce, and I was also dissapointed by their undercooked steamed rice. (This is why I never frequented their previous location…I was hoping their new location would come with new cuisine). Portions were a lot smaller than Sno Thai also:-(. I ordered a side of peanut sauce to find the near $4 cost wasn’t worth the small thin side of sauce. Hopefully Chang Thai takes some comments and upgrades their cuisine to more flavorful Thai Dishes. I have never been dissapointed by Sno Thai so I will keep going there. More bang for your buck! But wishing the best to Chang Thai and it’s owners.

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