Business Comings: Copper Public House opens in Snoqualmie this week

It’s been a month since Glass & Bottle Bistro closed its doors, put brown paper over the big front windows and announced it would reopen in July as a completely new restaurant – remodeling the space, changing its name and the menu – or a complete rebrand.

Well, the month is up and an official reopening date has been set –  Thursday, July 27th. The new restaurant name has also been revealed: Copper Public House, located at 7819 Center Blvd SE in the Snoqualmie Ridge retail area.

There’s still no photos giving a glimpse of what the new interior looks like, but it does not appear the restaurant expanded into adjacent retail space. The remodel was billed as bringing more space to the interior’s layout, so it seems everyone will just have to wait until the doors open later this week to see how it all played out.

According to owner and general manager, Tawni Christiansen, “The [new] brand is built for families, friends, and just about anyone to swing by for quality food and drink. We’ve installed a tap system for craft beer, created the best cocktails in town, and developed a downright delicious dinner and brunch menu.”

Per the press release, the menu revolves around “classic Americana cuisine with a modern, rugged twist.” AND there’s also going to be brunch –  which will include hazelnut biscuit French toast with rum caramelized bananas and mascarpone whipped cream.

The menu at Copper Public House was created by the ownership team of Tawni Christiansen, Adam Fry-Pierce, and Jeni Herberger (Good Libations, LLC), but they say it was brought to life by head chef , Jed Lutge.

Chef Lutge has been reviewed in the Seattle PI while working for a previous restaurant. The PI wrote, “Comfort food doesn’t get any better than this. Lutge cooks flat-out fabulous food.”

For more info check out the  Copper Public House Facebook page.


Paper covered window at Glass & Bottle Bistro in late June as they started their re-branding, remodeling work to become Copper Public House, which opens July 27th.

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  • I’m curious as to why they’d choose the name “Copper Public House” given that there’s already “Copperstone Family Spaghetti Restaurant” in downtown Snoqualmie. It just seems like the new name will cause unnecessary confusion, and if I owned Copperstone, I’d be really unhappy about it.

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