Business Comings: Britt Greenland Fine Art Comes to North Bend

Britt Greenland is used to small towns. A Minnesotan by birth, the town she grew up in, Pillager-population 459, makes North Bend look like a bustling metropolis.

Living in a rural burg, as we know, has its perks. Greenland was lucky enough to have the same amazing art teacher for all four years of high school, where she learned a solid basis of color theory, composition, values, as well as the confidence to keep on creating.

A Pacific North Westerner since 2001, she now lives in unincorporated King County between Issaquah and Renton. Still, she loves the Snoqualmie Valley for its hiking, cycling, rivers, parks, and small-town charm.

Someday she would like to move here, but for now, having a gallery here is a great way for her to connect to the area.

Greenland is a studio and Plein Air painter; En Plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air” and refers to the act of painting outdoors with the artist’s subject in full view. It is said to enable an artist to better capture changing weather and light conditions; she is honored to be the designated Plein air painter for Railroad Days (August 28th) this year. 

“I enjoy Plein air painting, but there are so many factors working against you–like weather, rapidly changing light, noise distractions, and your own expectations.  You can think of Plein air painting like fishing.  You may get lucky and paint a winner, or you may just enjoy being outdoors.”

Greenland once climbed Mount Adams to paint and enjoys side adventures which she calls “Tour de Paints,” going to many varied places such as Lake Chelan, Shaw Island and Italy. She specializes in large custom landscape paintings because she loves collaborating with her clients to create artwork that wouldn’t exist without their ideas.

Her big travel plans will be on hold for a couple of years while she runs the gallery and starts grad school at Northwest University this fall for a Master’s in Licensed Mental Health Counseling. 

Britt Greenland Fine Art will have its Grand Opening on July 16th, 2021, with a reception, including live music, courtesy of local singer/songwriter JD Cotton, from 6-8 pm. Gallery hours will be Wednesday-Thursday 12:00-5:30 and Friday-Saturday 12:00-6:00. 

She plans to have receptions with live local musicians at the gallery every First Friday of the month from 6-8 pm and is looking forward to connecting with the larger art community. Anne Anderson of North Bend will be her gallery assistant and have her original jewelry designs on display.

So please welcome Britt to North Bend at 301 W North Bend Way, Ste 107 on July 16th. We all wish you good luck with your new fine art gallery!

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  • Dear Britt
    It’s fun to see your dreams coming true with your very own Gallery.
    What a great way to let others see your work & enjoy it for themselves.
    God bless and best wishes from the entire Greenland Family.
    Keep up the wonderful work and beautiful paintings.

  • Living Snoqualmie