Boxley’s Announces Closing, but says the Music will Live on

In a letter to friends posted on social media, Boxley’s founder, Danny Kolke, announced that the restaurant would be closing its doors. But the music legacy Danny brought to the Snoqualmie Valley via Boxley’s will live on.

Boxley’s restaurant, which combines food and live jazz music at the corner of  North Bend Way and Main in downtown North Bend, has been around for almost seven years. According to Kolke, running the place has been an incredible experience – but not a profitable one.

There is no exact date for the closing yet, as Boxley’s has time remaining on its lease commitment, but Kolke said it may not make sense to stay open much longer. They are evaluating options and at some point will pick a closing date. Kolke said they are also meeting with other restauranteurs about taking over Boxley’s operations.

Time to Focus on Just the Music

The restaurant’s closing is an effort to focus on Boxley’s true passion – jazz music. Kolke, a jazz musician himself, said [in his letter], “By not operating the restaurant, we believe we can focus on our passion for music programming and improve what we do best. In fact, we are committed to keep doing music, and more music.”

All the music at Boxley’s is supported by the Boxley Music Fund, a non-profit Kolke started about six years ago – and the music fund has been very successful, sponsoring events like the North Bend Jazz and Blues Walks, live jazz music performances, and music education for local students.

Boxley Music Fund also recently expanded and became JazzClubsNW, which is helping launch music programming across the Pacific Northwest.

Going forward, Kolke’s new strategy is to focus on music programming and partnering with restaurateurs and other venues that are “as passionate about their business as we are about music.”

In closing, Kolke said:

“I have already had many friends ask how they can help. The best answer is to become a member of the Boxley Music Fund & JazzClubsNW or make a donation to support our cause. And remember to keep coming out to Boxley’s until we turn the lights off or someone else takes over. And then we will move on – with “More Jazz, Everywhere!”

To become a member or find out more information about the Boxley Music Fund visit

Good Luck Danny and Family!


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  • We used to go to the restaurant (prior to a couple name changes) before it focused so much on music. The food at that point was good, as was the service. It had an interesting theme and good atmosphere. We stopped going when eating our dinner and talking across our table was interrupted by the volume of the music. Now, I like music! I also like food and conversation. I seldom like the two together unless they complement each other. I think that was the problem with Boxley’s. It tried to do both and that just doesn’t pull a large enough audience. Either be a good restaurant, or a good music venue.
    I wish the owners the best of luck in their next endeavor, and hope someone takes over the space and builds a great place to eat.

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