School Board Names District’s new Elementary School, it’s All about the TRE(E)S

At its January 28th meeting, the Snoqualmie Valley School District Board of Directors picked a name for the district’s new elementary school, scheduled to open in September 2016.

The name was chosen during an live, anonymous online vote, with results showing on a screen visible to meeting attendees. Three of the five board members chose Timber Ridge as their top choice for the new school’s name.

The name has ties to both the school’s location, as well as a historical connection to Snoqualmie’s logging industry. The initials of the new school, TRES, almost even spells the word ‘trees.’

Board member Carolyn Simpson commented, “The name Timber Ridge honors the historic industry of Snoqualmie, recognizes the tree-centered design of the new school, and acknowledges the location of the elementary school on the Ridge. Also, TRES, can be pronounced TREES.”

The name also ties in with the theme element of dendrochronology (science of tree ring dating), which architects incorporated throughout the building’s design,

The school will be similar in design to Cascade View, only slightly larger and with a few tweaks. It will have the same three classroom-wing design, along with a central area for the library, computer labs, offices and kindergarten classrooms, with the gymnasium and multipurpose stemming off the other end.

Each wing will have one more classroom than Cascade View, giving the school permanent capacity for around 650 students. The gym and multi-purpose room will also be slightly larger, which was a result of feedback from Cascade View staff.

Timber Ridge Elementary is located at the corner of SE Swenson Drive and Snoqualmie Parkway on Snoqualmie Ridge. Amy Wright, currently the principal of Opstad Elementary School (OES), will be the new school’s principal after the completion of the 2015-16 school year.

The $35 million elementary school was funded by a February 2015 voter approved school bond.  For more info about Timber Ridge Elementary visit

Photo: SVSD
Photo: SVSD

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