Black Bear Spotted On Snoqualmie's Kinsey Street Last Night, Headed Toward Alley Where Children Present

There were more bear sightings over the weekend, both in the densely populated area of Snoqualmie Ridge – near the retail area .  Neighbors in the Heather/Dogwood area (near 2nd hole of TPC Snoqualmie Ridge) reported finding large bear scat approximately 8 feet from a home’s front door, bear paw prints and a garbage container ransacked for its contents during the Saturday overnight hours .

There was also a bear sighting on the northwest side of Kinsey Street, between Fairway Ave and Warren, last night.  The eye witnesses were walking home from dinner last evening when the described “huge” bear walked up into the front yard of a Kinsey Street home and disappeared between two houses, heading toward the back alley.  Two teens on the street alerted the walkers and then one ran into the alley on his own accord to alert children who were playing.  The children were all reported safe.  Eye witness, Lori Riffe said, ‘”It was huge and surreal to see it so close. We were about 3 houses away from it.”

On July 27th, there were two other bear sightings on Heather Ave; one sighting on the street itself around 4AM and again that night in a backyard of a golf course home.  It’s not known if this is the same bear spotted in either area this weekend,  but Fish and Wildlife officials warn bears do become trained to return to specific neighborhoods to feed off garbage, bird feeders and/or pet food.

Snoqualmie residents have been told that in areas where bears are active,  the Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends placing garbage containers in garages, taking down bird feeders and placing pet food indoors.  Some residents say, though, this isn’t possible for everyone and bears are climbing fences to access containers in backyards.

The City of Snoqualmie is still asking residents to call 911 at the time of bear sightings, as they are working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to track local bear activity.  Non-emergency sightings can also be reported to Washington State Fish and Wildlife officials at 1-877-933-9847.

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  • Put your garbage in your garage, people. There is only one way to keep these guys out: Stop feeding them!

  • I agree Nancy! It’s not convenient to have my garbage in the garage and I certainly don’t enjoy the smell, but I don’t want to contribute to a growing problem. Problem bears can only be trapped and re-located one time. They are smart and will not fall for traps a second time. Also, after being relocated, they often make their way back! If you’re concerned for the welfare of neighborhood children, keep your trash indoors.

  • And what about the 100 cottage homes that don’t have garages? They’ve been waiting for Bear-proof containers since May 14th. The bear that was in my yard wasn’t after garbage or food- it jumped the fence into the park where children were playing… The behavior has changed. They are more bold, with no fear of humans.

  • Great article. I hope everyone on the Ridge reads it. Like all before me have said..PUT your garbage in your garage (except for the Cottage folks…just hold tight).

  • Living Snoqualmie