Black Bear Captured in Heights Neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge

According to Komo 4 News reporter, Joel Moreno, who was in Snoqualmie Ridge filming a story about numerous bear sightings reported in Snoqualmie in recent weeks, a 147 pound,  2 1/2-year-old male black bear was captured today off of Strouf Ave.  The City of Snoqualmie Police Department has been working with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife since spring tracking local bear activity.

Moreno said the bear is being transported to PAWS in Lynnwood for a medical exam, as they think something may be wrong with his vision.  A eyesight impairment might explain why the bear had been getting so close to people, possibly not realizing he was that close.  Fish and Wildlife Officers want to make sure he can see well before releasing him back into the wild.

There were at two reports of bear sightings over the weekend in Snoqualmie; one on Cascade Ave and one in the Silent Creek area.  Both times it was reported the bears climbed fences to access backyards.  According to the Silent Creek bear spotter, police said they were tracking six local bears, two in the Silent Creek area and that traps had been set in the area.

Komo News aired their Snoqualmie bear story during the 5PM newscast on June 25th.  To watch that story click HERE.

Male black bear captured in Heights neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge today. Photo courtesy of Komo 4 News.

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  • Even though the bears are a pain in the butt sometimes, it makes me sad to see them trapped. I mean, think about it, we are on THEIR land!! Are we going to start trapping and relocating deer next?

    1. I know what you mean. I think they are just worried that the bears are getting so close to people and climbing fences when kids could be in the backyards playing, while recognizing that it is their land and we are surrounded by woods. It’s a tough one. They are beautiful creatures:)

  • My wife just got back from Santa Fe, NW. No wild life there. A cougar showed up after many years and was tracked down and shot. They built that ridge in the middle of prime habitat. Don’t worry; in 10 years you be more concerned about gang signs than bears.

  • I know our neighbors have had them in their backyards the last few nights too – probably climbing the fence. I know they notified the police, so it should be on record. We’re in Carmichael Loop.

  • Not sure why we are trapping them unless they are becoming a nuisance.

    “Officials want to make sure he can see well before releasing him back into the wild.”
    What are they going to do if he has bad eyesight?

  • Living Snoqualmie