Bendigo Blvd Near Twede’s to Close September 17th, Twin Peaks Creators Urge Fans to Ease up on Photos

The City of North Bend announced it will close Bendigo Blvd between Park Street and North Bend Way (section between Twede’s Cafe and Bartell Drugs) on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 5PM until Friday, September 18, 2015 at 2:30AM.road closed

According to a press release, detours will be marked and the city apologized “for any inconvenience the road closure may cause residents.”

The press release did not state the reason for the closure, but as filming for the new Twin Peaks series has been happening all week at Twede’s (AKA Double R Diner), many resident presume it is to accommodate filming.

In a recent statement on social media,  the private Twin Peaks creators urged fans to ease up on photos and videos of the show’s filming and sets in North Bend. Since the Twede’s transformation started last week, many fan websites have been posting photos and videos of Twin Peaks daily filming activity.

David Lynch and Mark Frost statement:

“We’re so happy people are excited about being back to where it all began. Like any good mystery, it’s all suppose to be top secret, and would love it if everyone helped keep it that way!”

In response, at least Twin Peaks Fan website has agreed not to post photos of the filming process until the final episode of the series has aired.


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  • This has been a complete disruption to the area and a waste of local resources. It’s wasting the time of several police officers who have to stand guard most of the day, they have better things to do. The traffic is awful at the intersection outside the cafe and parking outside the adjacent business is blocked off. I never liked this weird show. I sure locals will be glad when this is over. Please leave and stop disrupting the local business. I hope the production company has compensated the city.

    1. I think you underestimate how many dollars Twin Peaks “tourism” brings to the valley. Local businesspeople are excited about it and making profit by catering to the needs of the crew. The police and other municipal workers are compensated by the production. The traffic is an inconvenience but they seem to filming at night whenever possible. Meanwhile, the new show will keep those tourist dollars coming for years to come.

  • As with any reputable film crew and company, these many people have come to our town to film a very interesting series.. Interesting because of what it has done, for 25 years, and will do for the next 25. Bring tourists from around the world to spend time and money in our town! In our city. Do you not understand the basic economics of a city? I think you , invisible troll am says.. don’t understand anything beyond your own convenience. Suck it up for a month.. go another direction to where you won’t be delayed two minutes.. and be calm with yourself. Wow.. how narcisistic some become with a bit of detour.. Relax and enjoy something new and interesting! And just smile knowing how our city will profit from this very short span of time in the bigger picture of it all.

  • The filming really hasn’t been a problem at all, in fact the crew has been quite discreet and respectful of our town. Twin Peaks certainly has put North Bend on the international map and it’s only been good for business, I’m sure. I’m certainly excited for the upcoming show and I just hope eager fans won’t spoil it with their insistence to take photos and post on social media.

  • Living Snoqualmie