Beautifully Bumpless; North Bend Re-Opens Smooth Riding Boalch Ave

It’s fixed and it’s back open…

Want to take the back way between Snoqualmie and North Bend, say for gymnastics or to workout at businesses in the Boalch Ave Business Park? Ever taken a different route there because of Boalch road conditions?  For me, it was like a game of cat and mouse to avoid the worst of the “Boalch bumps” that can wreak havoc on a car.  As of yesterday, though, that game is history… not a bump to be found.

Boalch Ave runs through both the Snoqualmie and North Bend city limits.  A couple of years back, the City of Snoqualmie re-paved its portion of the notoriously bumpy road.  Now, thanks to funds from its new Transportation Benefit District,  the City of North Bend put the finishing touches on its section of Boalch Ave.  With the re-paving work finished, city officials cut the ribbon yesterday, opening the seamlessly, and continuously, smooth Boalch Ave.

The newly re-paved stretch of road runs from the Snoqualmie city limit sign, near the Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center, past the Mt. Si Golf Course to near 14th Street NW, by the Encompass main branch.  Boalch Ave, a popular route between Snoqualmie and North Bend, is now completely bump-free from from city to city.

The project began in mid September, lasted about three weeks and finished on schedule.

I drove it this morning, and after years of swerving into the other lane to avoid big bumps, I was able to stay in my own lane.  Great job North Bend!

Re-paved and re-opened Boalch Ave near Meadowbrook Farm


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