Bad accident at busy Snoqualmie Parkway intersection causes no serious injuries

The accident scene at the intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Swenson Drive Wednesday afternoon, September 13, 2017 looked bad, but fortunately the collision caused no serious injuries.

Around 4:30PM, two white vehicles collided in middle of the intersection located at the entrance to the Deer Park neighborhood and Timber Ridge Elementary School. Both of the vehicles’ airbags deployed according to witnesses. One vehicle sustained extensive damage to its front end and the other had damage to the passenger side.

Snoqualmie Fire Department Captain Mike Bailey said it appeared one of the vehicles turned in front of the other, but did not know who was at fault.

Bailey said although the accident was bad for vehicles involved, the occupants were ok. One car was occupied by only the driver, and the other was occupied by a female driver and her two children. Captain Bailey said only the mother was taken to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure, but she didn’t appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

Traffic along Snoqualmie Parkway backed up for about a half mile as police investigated the scene and tow trucks removed the vehicles.


Accident scene on Snoqualmie Pkwy and Swenson Drive, 9/13/17. Photo: Cindy Deibler, Facebook



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  • The entire Parkway has turned into a freeway. The traffic, elevated speed, trucks and high performance vehicles, oh, and the passive aggressive drivers…all, ingredients for more accidents like this one. Be careful out there!

  • Agree with Alex. The Parkway needs enforcement. Too many speeders and aggressive drivers. I also think we need to rethink some of the heavy industrial traffic using the Parkway, including logging trucks and gravel trucks. There are some of the most egregious speeders, and many ignore the “no engine brakes” bylaw. The speeding and heavy industrial traffic is creating a real safety issue for the Parkway, especially around schools. What do you say, Mr Mayor?

  • Living Snoqualmie