Back the Blue Snoqualmie Valley

You may have seen the small but mighty group of law enforcement supporters rallying on the corner of Bendigo Blvd S and SW Mt Si Blvd over the last couple of months. But who are they, and what do they stand for?

Long time North Bend resident Art Farash says these people are residents of the Snoqualmie Valley. They want to show their solidarity with the King County Sheriff, Snoqualmie & North Bend Police Department and the Seattle Police Department.

Their first rally was in July on Snoqualmie Ridge. It was organized by some residents and families wanting to show support for the local Police. Following the lead of similar rallies in Maple Valley and elsewhere, these residents started a group called ‘Back the Blue Snoqualmie Valley.’ They have regular Saturday rallies in North Bend and, more recently, Snoqualmie Ridge.

Photo Credit Jeremiah Besso

Participation has varied between small groups of four or five to as many as twelve to fourteen people.

Farash, a former Washington State Patrol and corrections employee, combat veteran and retired Army, says the gatherings show support for all police officers. Officers are under attack at this time and in the interest of public safety to show their opposition to defunding the Police. Their only message is to show support for the King County Sheriff, oppose any defunding, and have a strict rule prohibiting any show of politics at the rallies.

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Besso

Local Jessica Besso goes, with her two sons and husband, each weekend because “the Sheriff and Police are people who serve us. We know them and their families, and they are putting their lives on the line for our community every day.”

They have been called some terrible names and have had things thrown at them, but the vast majority of the public’s responses have been positive. Says Besso, “my kids have witnessed adults waving American flags, saying they are praying for our country and smiling in response to the vulgarities they hear. It has been a good educational opportunity for them to see humanity at its worst and best.”

Robyn Balcom, another Snoqualmie Valley resident, has a home and small business in North Bend. She has lived around the world and witnessed many cultures and societies. When her family returned to the US, she was eager to model an active citizen to her school-age children. Many years were in Africa, and she “had a deep appreciation for our American Republic and the blessing of living in a nation of Freedom within the constraints of Law and Order.”

“I taught my children to respect their teachers, to respect others, and to respect Police who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our lives and our laws. I have been horrified by what has happened in Seattle and King County to our Law Enforcement!! It is not political.”

According to all, the response has been overwhelmingly positive from passersby with only the occasional adverse reaction. The group has had people give them food and drinks almost every Saturday, and there are always many cars blowing their horns to show support. Individuals have personally expressed their gratitude for what the group is doing, including both on duty and off duty police officers and family members of police officers and sheriff’s deputies.

Photo credit: Jeremiah Besso

If you’d like to participate in a Back the Blue rally, you can Saturday the 31st from 1 pm until 3 pm. This week’s rally will be on Snoqualmie Ridge at the corner of Snoqualmie Parkway and Douglas St near police headquarters.

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  • The BLM riots are what started the Defunding of the Police movement. Our rallies are in responses to the Defunding of Police. It seems remiss to deny what prompted our Peaceful Protests to Defend (not Defund) the police.

    The rallies in support of the police that have been happening all over Washington are perfect examples of what exercising our Freedom of Speech by peacefully protesting should look like – versus what prompted our action which is the violence, looting and initiative to Defund the Police.

    It is quite obvious that there are very clear sides to this division in our community. We have personally experienced overwhelming honks, waving, thumbs up in support. The only negative responses we receive are the middle finger and screaming of Black Lives Matter or F..k Trump. We are not protesting for Trump or against black lives. BLM is it’s own trainwreck.

  • Not all of us can participate, but our support for these citizens and our local LEOs is strong nonetheless!

  • Cop Suckers! It’s fools like these who blindly accept that living in a POLICE STATE is acceptable. Study your Pre-WWII German history!

  • I have stood in support and appreciation for our Law Officers / Peace Keepers because I do NOT believe that there is “more” systemic racism in Police precincts than there is in every other sector of society and profession. I believe that BLM has incited more racism than any other movement in my lifetime. I believe there is racism and sexism in most hearts of the human race, but it is something that needs to be talked about and addressed relationally – not by DEFUNDING Police!!! The hateful, violent, disrespectful anarchists who scream profanities at our Peace Keepers and threaten and attack “REAL Peaceful Protestors” are the ones folks should get riled up about.

    1. “BREAKING NEWS: Suburban white woman Robyn Balcom doesn’t believe systemic racism exists because she’s never experienced it herself, and prefers to think people fighting against racism are the real racists. In other news, water is wet and the sky is still blue. Truly surprising news and absolutely not predictable. Back to you, Chip.”

  • The “Thin Blue Line” flag symbolizes the unspoken code among police to remain silent and even cover up for the misdeeds of their fellow officers. This is NOT something to be celebrated no matter your political stance.

    Bad cops aren’t just bad for good cops; bad cops are bad for everyone.

    Good cops need to be given the resources to earn that label. That doesn’t mean they need more money, they need the proper de-escalation training. They need well-funded social services who can more appropriately respond to situations where weapon-wielding-warriors are not warranted. They need accountability that instils confidence in the people they are sworn to protect and serve.

  • Living Snoqualmie