An Amazing Day through Photos: Best Possible Outcome as Search crews find missing woman on Mt. Teneriffe

After an intensive four-day search of Mt. Teneriffe, including overnight searches and the use of horses, canines, ATV’s and helicopters to access rough terrain and deep woods, Search and Rescue crews located missing hiker, Kimberly Haines and her dog Rainey.

She was airlifted out of the remote area by KCSO Guardian Helicopter and transported to Torguson Park in North Bend where her friends and family were waiting.

When she was initially located, crews were worried about a  possible serious head injury, but in the end she only suffered minor injuries after four days lost in the wilderness in high temperatures. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital after emerging from her helicopter transport with a smile – walking on her own to the waiting aid car.

Thank you to all the Search and Rescue members who participated in the huge mission. Crews from around the Puget Sound region responded in order to keep the mission going 24 hours a day with fresh volunteers.

North Bend photographer Mary Miller was on the ground at Torguson Park when Haines arrived. She has allowed us to share her happy photos. Thank you Mary.

Seattle resident and teacher, Haines, went missing on Mt. Teneriffe on Monday, July 31st after heading to the area for a 15-mile trail hike/jog with her dog. On Thursday, August 3rd, cell phone data tracked her general location. Crews were transported by helicopter to the remote area where they finally made contact with her near Crater Lake.


Kim Haines emerging from rescue helicopter at Torguson Park, 8/3/17. Photo: Mary Miller


Haines waits for ambulance after being rescued from 4-days lost on Mt. Teneriffe. PC: Mary Miller


Haines’s sister rushes to aid car.  PC: Mary Miller


Member of Eastside Fire & Rescue evaluate Haines. PC: Mary Miller


Haines’s dog Rainey. PC: Mary Miller



Haines’s friends and family watch her land via helicopter at Torguson Park, 8/3/17. PC: Mary Miller


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  • A small team of Olympic Mountain Rescue members was diverted from a search for my son to find Kimberly. And I am so happy they went. This is the best possible outcome. I’m glad you are home safe Kimberly.

    1. A friend & I were on the trail here in North Bend and actually talked of your son and his continued search. <3 Continuing to pray for your son and your family!

  • Happily the outcome was good. Once again those dedicated people from rescue have done it again, they deserve all the accolades we can give them!

  • Living Snoqualmie