After 4-month work stoppage, Spring Plaza construction expected to re-start soon

On May 15, 2019, Chun Lai Hospitality CFO Jim Gilbert said Snoqualmie residents should expect to see construction start up again on the Spring Plaza retail building that sits adjacent to the new Hampton Inn.

Construction came to an abrupt halt in mid January when Gilbert said the company became aware the general contractor was not paying subcontractors. He said Chun Lai Hospitality was, though, making all required payments to the general contractor.

According to Gilbert, the general contractor has since filed for bankruptcy. He said they spent the past few month reconciling issues with subcontractors and business loans for the project caused by the contractor’s financial issues – and will also be pursuing legal avenues.

A new project manager is being hired to finish up the Spring Plaza project, which should be complete soon. Gilbert expects construction to begin again in about two weeks. He said before work came to a stop, the project was about 80% complete so he anticipates construction finishing in about two months. At that point other contractors will come in and begin tenant improvements on the office and retail spaces.

One of the building’s retail spots will be home to a new coffee company called America’s Best Coffee, run by the daughter of the owner of the Hampton Inn and Spring Plaza. She also owns four other coffee shops called Honor Coffee in Bellevue, Seattle and Federal Way.  The new coffee shop is expected to have food options and will also do coffee roasting on site.

According to Gilbert, the other retail spot is still to be determined, but they have been meeting with interested parties. The upstairs office space will be occupied by Chun Lai Hospitality. The owner, Mr. Hou, also owns Mountain Meadows Farm in North Bend. He started multiple businesses after moving to the area from China in 2012, including a technical college in Bellevue.  In addition to the Hampton Inn, Chun Lai Hospitality is also building new hotels around the state under their own brand – Hotel America.

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  • Seems like the citizens of Snoqualmie are getting very little out of this eyesore apart from a coffee shop, because apparently 3 Starbucks within spitting distance of this place isn’t enough? Way to go city council…

    1. Only reason for 3 starbucks is people love them, I figured the one at the old IGA would have closed but folks still line up for a cup of joe there. Anyways, according to the hotel staff the rooms are full and my relatives have enjoyed staying there during visits. The hotel and plaza fit perfectly into the community and surrounding landscape and I look forward to enjoying the view from the coffee shop and excited to see what local business fills the vacant retail space. I hoping another restaurant, pehaps a burger joint? Honestly, I’m very happy a warehouse didn’t end up on this lot now that would be an eyesore. Not sure how blaming the city council for a great addition to the community is constructive, they should be thanked for not being obstructionist to thoughtful development. The future development is bright with them leading the way, as opposed to the Valley being just another bedroom community for Seattle.

      1. The site was rezoned so the choice was around a more diverse mix of businesses. The landlord, his business, and his daughter’s business… really? Btw, if you lookup “bedroom community” it likely says something about a sea of homes, minimal retail, but literally coffee shops on every corner (for those commuting out of town every day)

  • The owner of the hampton in is the same owner of the plaza.. his daughter is the ONLY tenant right now.. he also owns the meadow farms that he wanted to turn into a college with dorms for 200+ people..

    the city and the mayor bend over backwards to look the other way and waive city rules to get the chinese investor approved to build this eyesore..

    its time for the city council and the mayor to GO! – all they care about is lining the city’s pockets at the expense of the community…

    1. Not sure how being Chinese or related has anything to do with this and I’m fairly confident anyone trying to build in a city needs help with permitting. The Puget Sound is a beacon for world investment and it should be embraced instead of fear mongered. Also, the city ordinances aren’t the constitution and need to be constantly amended to allow developments to be successful. Hard to believe motivation exists for the elected officials of Snoqualmie to care about lining the City’s pocket instead just use some common sense logic which shows they are simply creating a prosperous and diverse community for us and future generations to be proud of.

  • The living trees blocking the view of the cascades really irk me as well. Soon the parkway will be nothing but a wall of green, lines of traffic and hordes of tourists from who knows where. Time for the CITY COUNCIL to put a stop to it before it gets any worse.

    1. Is Kevin actually the owner of this eyesore? I cannot imagine I will ever step foot in this place yet it is taking up prime real estate that could have been a complementary addition to our (Ridge) downtown core with a nice cross section of businesses. The hotel would have been a more appropriate addition for the long-cleared but still vacant lot next to the hospital. From this resident’s point of view… poor planning.

  • What fantasy world do you live in? The investor fairy will arrive during a full moon and offer the city millions of dollars to build whatever the city wants where the city wants. Yup that how it works. Let’s not forget the IGA building, how long has it sat vacant? The developers are really chomping at the bit to fill it and the other empty store fronts. If only the original ridge developer could have built out the commercial spaces as planned instead of being blocked by you the know who mayor… Did you know the intersection of Center Blvd and Ridge St was supposed to be a round about surrounded by thriving businesses? Instead we are left with no ability to turn around on Center Blvd and an empty space in front of the YMCA that makes no sense.

  • Here is what I know about he owner of Chun Lai Hospitality, Mr. Hou: I was a sub contractor on his Embassy suite project. I delivered, They have my goods. Seven months later I have not received payment. They never paid. Nor do They do not respond to my communications.
    Pretty arrogant…pretty cold.

  • Living Snoqualmie