Additional street dining in Snoqualmie this weekend: mask up and support local restaurants

UPDATE | August 16th, 7:30AM

The City of Snoqualmie announced that the “Outdoor Seating Pilot Program” would be suspended early. Per the announcement, “On Sunday, August 16, 2020, Center Blvd. and Falls Ave., will be reopened to traffic, the streets will not be open to pedestrians and dining.”


In a news release on August 12, 2020, the City of Snoqualmie announced additional outdoor restaurant seating this weekend in both the downtown and Ridge areas.

There will be outdoor dining in in both areas on Friday, August 14th, starting at noon throughout the weekend until Sunday evening, August 16th, to support local restaurants.

Diners can mask up and socially distance while ordering food and then de-mask while dining on closed, pedestrian-friendly streets.

Downtown Snoqualmie dining will be on Falls Ave SE from SE King Street to mid-block. Snoqualmie Ridge outdoor dining will be on Center Blvd SE from Snoqualmie Parkway to SE Ridge St.

Residents are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and spread out as they enjoy the warm summer weather.

The city reminds residents that it will be hot this weekend – so stay hydrated with water and non-alcoholic beverages. The consumption of alcohol will be limited to restaurants’ established boundaries. Drinking at additional seating and picnicking will not be allowed.

According to the City of Snoqualmie Public Information Officer Joan Pilego:

“The city understands that Phase 2 restrictions on indoor seating have greatly impacted restaurants’ ability to serve customers indoors. The City wants to help local restaurants through this program and encourages everyone to mask up, eat outside, and enjoy. Check out some of the local shops, while following their Phase 2 guidelines.”

Enjoy the summer weather while supporting your local restaurants this weekend, Snoqualmie Valley!

Falls Ave in Downtown Snoqualmie

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  • Unbelievable. Snoqualmie has seen rising cases of Covid for the last several weeks, and the response is to encourage more people to gather, because restaurant revenue.
    Remember this when it comes time to vote, folks.
    Did the mayor think this was a good idea?
    City council members, are they on record regarding this?
    They ought to be.
    You can support these businesses simply by ordering take-out, without following idiotic invitations to gather in a restricted space during a pandemic.

  • Living Snoqualmie