A Legacy of Kindness: Remembering Becky Michaud

Becky Michaud, 44, passed away on February 15, 2024. She was a loving, dedicated wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.

Becky was born to Dean and Joyce Root on January 8, 1980, in Fort Hood, Texas. She was born at Darnell Army Hospital while her father, Dean, was on active duty. She was raised in Carnation, WA and attended Carnation Elementary, Cedarcrest and Mount Si High Schools, and Bellevue College.

After school, Becky started her career working in banking, met her husband Donny, and started a family. She later found a love for serving people as a bartender at the GasLamp Bar and Grill. In 2013, she started working at Finaghty’s Pub, now known as Saints and Scholars. One of Becky’s greatest strengths was her love for people, and being able to make a connection and build relationships. Her community grew around that pub, and it remained a very special place to her until the day she passed.

Becky was a ray of sunshine, lighting up every room she walked into with her beautiful smile! She loved being outside, working in her garden or doing projects around the house. Becky was not a fan of cold weather, but she loved the sunshine. On summer days, you could find her in her garden, hanging out with family and friends in the Sunlands, boating, floating in the river, and just soaking up the sunshine.

She is survived by her husband, Donald Michaud; daughters, Darian Michaud, Dakota Celestino Michaud, and Ashlyn Michaud; her son-in-law, Jose Celestino; parents, Dean and Joyce Root, sisters Bobbie Dunn, Brenda Collins, brother-in-law Jason Collins; grandchildren Ryatt and Dawson Sargeson.

A service and celebration of life will be held at 2 pm, Friday, March 8, 2024, at Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church, 36017 SE Fish Hatchery Road, Fall City, WA 98024[1]

Becky’s presence was a constant source of warmth, generosity, and genuine connections in the heart of her cherished community. She worked at Snoqualmie’s Saints & Scholars, profoundly touching the lives of friends, family, and acquaintances with her kind-hearted spirit and warm smile.

Owners Adrian Webb and Amanda Stoffel eloquently captured the essence of Becky’s impact, with Amanda noting, “Whenever I look at the bar or step behind it, I am immediately reminded of her, each glance bringing a different memory. There was always a sense of comfort when she was working as if everything would be okay in our little world – even when sometimes they weren’t.”

Adrian agrees, saying, “Becky was more than just a part of our staff; she was a cherished friend and an integral part of our lives and this amazing community. Her presence meant so much to us; she will be dearly missed.” This sentiment underscores the profound void of Becky’s absence, her memory a bittersweet reminder of the joy and comfort she brought to so many lives.

The heart of Becky’s legacy was her extraordinary ability to make everyone feel wanted and valued. Leigh Doherty reflected on this unique gift: “Making people feel welcome, included, and important was a part of Becky’s DNA.” Hernatural flair for hosting, whether at the pub or her own home, showcased her love for bringing people together, creating moments that will be cherished forever.

Becky’s passion for community was evident in the countless events she organized, fostering laughter and unity. Sarah Knowles admired this about Becky, highlighting her role in “creating many events…She loved summer BBQs, Bonfires and dancing with friends.” These gatherings were a testament to Becky’s love for life and commitment to creating a vibrant, inclusive community.

Sarah Knowles shared poignant memories of Becky’s vibrant spirit and knack for bringing the community together through memorable events. “Becky was an authentic, genuine old soul who loved her family and friends fiercely and passionately,” Knowles reflected. She painted a picture of a woman whose heart was deeply embedded in the fabric of the community, from the lively 80s nights and Adult Prom Nights to the spirited St. Patty’s Day celebrations and cozy karaoke evenings. Becky’s creativity and love for fun were evident in her event planning, ensuring there was always a reason for laughter and togetherness.

Her dedication to creating spaces where people could enjoy each other’s company spoke volumes of her character—a true friend who never missed an opportunity to make every gathering memorable. Says Sarah, “She was a true friend, never criticized or spoke negatively about others. She loved her daughters and grandchildren and adored her husband. Becky was a shining star who will forever be missed.”

Her generosity also knew no bounds, a trait beautifully illustrated by Lisa Davidson’s memories of Becky’s kindness during challenging times. “During Covid, our friend group…took turns dropping treats on each other’s doorsteps to bring some love and see each other’s faces from the driveways. When it was Becky’s turn, she knocked it out of the park.” Davidson recalled speaking to Becky’s thoughtful efforts to uplift spirits and strengthen bonds despite adversity. Amanda agrees, saying, “She stood by us through thick and thin, rallying behind us during the 2.5-year COVID renovation, helping with demolition and cleanup, and played a crucial role in breathing life back into our pub. “

Bobby Cyr summed up his feelings: “The best part of Becky for me wasn’t any one moment… but the collective soul. She had such a quiet way of being light in any room she was in. Her presence a gentle, illuminating force that made every space brighter, every gathering more meaningful.”

As the Valley community remembers Becky, Saints & Scholars also honors her legacy through a GoFundMe campaign to support her family during this difficult time. This initiative serves as a bridge for those who wish to contribute, ensuring Becky’s spirit of generosity inspires and supports her loved ones.

In the memories and stories shared by those who knew her, Becky’s legacy shines brightly—a testament to the power of kindness, the beauty of genuine connections, and the unforgettable imprint one can leave on hearts. Her memory will forever serve as a beacon of love and generosity, guiding us toward the kind of community she envisioned and worked to create.

[1] Obituary information for Becky Jane Michaud (flintofts.com)

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  • Such a loss to the community. She died in a one car accident on North Bend Way near Tollgate Farm Park on Feb 15th.

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