A Father’s Day Surprise, Do You Know this Father and Son? Help a Photographer Find Them

** JUNE 17, 2013 UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone for their help in getting Manju and Walt in touch.  The two exchanged emails yesterday and it was reported the Walt was “over the moon” after looking at the photographs.  It was the perfect Father’s Day gift for him… and a perfect ending to this story.  Proof that holidays can be as much about experiences than things. **


Anyone who likes to take pictures in the Snoqualmie Valley knows Boarst Lake, AKA Mill Pond. Anyone who likes looking at pictures of the Valley probably has a picture of iconic Boarst Lake with Mt. Si reflecting in its glass-like surface on a sunny day.

Living Snoqualmie contributing amateur photographer and Snoqualmie resident, Manju Shekhar, was photographing Mill Pond in 2011 when he ran into a father and son lakeside who asked him to take their picture.

He’s fairly certain their names were Walt and Benjamin, and believes they lived on Snoqualmie Ridge at the time.  They asked Manju to take their photo with Mt. Si in the background.  The two men talked picture-taking, as they both love photography, and then Manju gave Walt his email address so they could get in touch later to exchange the father son photograph.

Well, two years have passed and Manju came across the picture on his computer this week.  He thought it would make a great Father’s Day gift if he could find Walt and Benjamin and get them the picture he took.

As a twist, Manju captured Mt. Si in the background, only not in the traditional sense, more in the reflection-sense. Do you know the pair?  If so leave a comment and we’ll help get the photographer and subjects in touch.

Happy Father’s Day Snoqualmie Valley!



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  • I’m nearly positive that he is the pastor at Calvery Chapel in North Bend. I can’t remember his name but yes, they do live on Snoqulamie Ridge. Okay I’ve got it – its Walt Cesmat. Yup that’s who it is! I used to attend a homeschool co-op that was held at his church. He’s a nice guy – really nice wife and kids too.

  • Living Snoqualmie