Semi vs Pickup Truck(s) injury accident forces 4 hour closure of SR18 near I-90


The Washington State Patrol reported that SR 18 was reopened between Issaquah Hobart Road and I-90 at 2:20PM after a four hour closure for the investigation of a serious collision that sent three people to local hospitals.


At 10:15AM, September 8, 2016,  Eastside Firefighters said via social media that both directions of SR 18 were closed near I-90 due to a semi vs. vehicle accident that resulted in several injuries.

According to Twitter, the Snoqualmie Fire Department, along with Eastside Fire and Rescue, responded to the accident scene on eastbound SR 18 just west of I-90 around 10AM.

Fire crews requested that room be left for the rescue work, saying several injuries were involved with one possibly being serious.

The Washington State Patrol said the accident involved one semi and two pickup trucks, with the roadway fully blocked. Snoqualmie

Fire Chief Mark Correira said one of the injured persons had to extricated from a vehicle via hydraulic tools. Two people with non life-threatening injuries were taken to Overlake Hospital. One person with more severe injuries was transported to Harborview Medical Center.

WSP said drivers should expect long delays, with a detour set up on eastbound 18 at Issaquah Hobart Road. As of 11:45AM, there was still no ETA for fully re-opening SR 18.

Traffic cameras showed backups over Tiger Mt. shortly after the accident was reported. WSDOT said drivers should find alternate routes until the roadway is reopened.


Accident on SR 18, 9/8/16. Photo: Eastside Firefighters Twitter, Air 4 helicopter
Accident scene on SR 18, 9/8/16. Photo: Eastside Firefighters Twitter, Air 4 helicopter


Truck involved in SR 18 accident, 9/8/16
Truck involved in SR 18 accident, 9/8/16


Semi involved in SR 18 accident on 9/8/16. Photo: WSP
Semi involved in SR 18 accident on 9/8/16. Photo: WSP



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  • News says – A preliminary investigation found that a red Ford pickup was headed east on Highway 18 with the semi right behind it. As traffic slowed ahead, the pickup driver braked, but the semi did not slow down in time and slammed into the rear of the pickup, said Trooper Rick Johnson of the Washington State Patrol.

  • We need Washington State Patrol to actively monitor the road in the vicinity of the I-90/SR18 interchange. Westbound SR-18 trucks regularly run the light at the end of the I-90 exit ramp. Reckless, selfish driving all around. Unfortunately, this will happen again. Where is the Washington State Patrol? I would be fine with traffic cameras throughout this area…

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