Crews Respond to Mailbox Peak to Rescue runner with Badly Broken Leg

King County Search and Rescue spokesperson Alan LaBissoniere said SAR crews responded to a mission at Mailbox Peak near North Bend, Wednesday evening February 24, 2016

Crews got the call around 5PM after a 21-year old female from Tacoma tripped and fell while running on the new Mailbox Peak trail and badly broke her leg.

About 20 SAR volunteer crew members hiked in about 2.5 miles up the new trail, stabilized the woman and then carried her out

The Mailbox Peak trail is about 9 miles roundtrip with a 4,000 foot elevation gain.

mailbox peak

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  • So, taxpayer dollars pay for a new trail, ‘needed’ because of the frequent need to rescue people from the old one, which in turn lures more people, resulting in the frequent need to rescue people.
    Two in the last three weeks. In February.

  • Living Snoqualmie