Refugee Engagement, Special Showing of ‘The Good Lie’ to ignite Awareness, Conversation

Organizers call it spearheading community engagement about refugees – designed to raise awareness about refugees and share ideas regarding how individuals can help those resettling in the U.S.

In an effort to ignite that awareness and discussion, the Snoqualmie Valley community is invited to a special showing of The Good Lie at the North Bend Theater, Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 1:30PM.

Event organizers describe the movie as educational and eye-opening. The Ron Howard film released in 2014 tells the story of Sudanese children who flee their war-torn country to a Kenyan refugee camp, eventually resettling in the United States – and the woman (Reese Witherspoon) who helps them adjust to life in Kansas.

During Saturday’s event organizers will have information available from multiple refugee aid organizations and attendees (or those who cannot attend but cannot but want to help) are encouraged to bring a refugee care or welcome package.

Those packages can be dropped off at the theater during the event or dropped at Cascade Covenant Church in North Bend on Sunday, January 31st.

Care and welcome package ideas can be found at or


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  • Where in the article does it say anything about “not wanting to become an American”. Maybe I missed something…

  • Well if that were the case voting ballots would only be printed in English. Just an FYI my Great Great Grandfather who immigrated to this country in 1851 changed his name to Englishize it to assimilate into American society, he dropped out of collage in Missouri when they declared confederacy, moved back to Minnesota and joined the Union Army.

  • Our homeless veterans and fellow struggling Americans should come before refugees, period. These refugees need to stay in their home countries and stand up for themselves instead of fleeing and then trying to change our American culture to their own after they get here. If their intention is not to assimilate, pay taxes, provide for themselves instead of relying on the taxpayer and become a socialized, contributing member of society, they don’t belong here. I am honestly appalled that the North Bend Movie Theater is helping promote this resettlement agenda and probably won’t spend another dime there, which btw is very sad considering I have been a patron for well over 30 years. Shame on you.

  • Living Snoqualmie