Know your Muslim Neighbors | Open House offers Chance to Learn, Ask Questions, Share Ideas

The Snoqualmie Valley community is invited to a an Open House this Saturday, January 30, 2016 hosted by the Muslim Association of Snoqualmie Ridge.  The event runs from 9:30AM-12PM at Snoqualmie City Hall, 38624 SE River Street.

The Open House will feature speakers from the Muslim Association and offers a chance for the community to learn about what it means to live in Snoqualmie as a Muslim, share common concerns, challenges and new ideas to build stronger communities –  as well as being an opportunity to get to know neighbors and maybe make some new friends.

In light of recent world and national events, as well as comments made by local and national leaders, the Snoqualmie Muslim Association organized this community open house, and invites the the public to learn more about their faith and their Muslim neighbors.

Although the event is happening at Snoqualmie City Hall, it is not a city event, but via its Facebook page, the City of Snoqualmie encourages the public to attend the Open House.


Muslim Neighbor Open House

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  • I wonder if this mosque agrees with the Sammamish mosque that women should be hit if they don’t wear the hijab. (But wearing the hijab is “voluntary”! You bet!!)

    Here is Wassim Fayed, the imam at the Sammamish mosque (and a Microsoft employee!), indicating that women should be hit if they don’t wear their hijab:

    Go to 8:00 at

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