Snoqualmie to Hold Public Meeting about Marijuana Sales Regulations, Possible Moratorium Could End

Have an opinion about the possibility of [recreational] marijuana sales in Snoqualmie?  If so, city officials want to hear from you.

When the sale of recreational marijuana became legal in Washington State in the summer of 2014, individual cities had to develop regulations that were compliant with state law.  I-502 that legalized recreational pot sales doesn’t specifically address whether local governments can impose a ban like Colorado’s law does.

So in 2014, the City of Snoqualmie did what many other Washington cities did –  enacted a moratorium on marijuana sales in order to develop those regulations  – and that moratorium expires this spring.

Per state law, licensed marijuana stores cannot be located within 1000 feet of any elementary or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, public transit center, library, or game arcade that allows minors to enter.

Licensed store operators also have to notify local authorities when plan to open up shop, giving them an opportunity to object. Local governments can also pass an ordinance to reduce the 1000 foot buffer requirements to 100 feet around all entities – except elementary/secondary schools and public playgrounds.

As the City of Snoqualmie prepares for the [possible] expiration of its moratorium, it will hold a Public Hearing about Marijuana Regulations on Monday, December 7th at 7PM at Snoqualmie City Hall, 38624 SE River Street.

The Snoqualmie Planning Commission will hear public testimony and receive additional community guidance on scheduled land use regulations concerning the production, processing, and retail sale of marijuana in Snoqualmie.

Public comments and guidance will be used in drafting a marijuana sales ordinance and recommendation, reflective of the community’s vision, for consideration by the City Council.

If and when the council adopts such ordinance, that would conclude the City’s current moratorium on the production, processing, and retail sale of marijuana.

When asked if this means the moratorium will be allowed to expire in the spring, a city spokesperson explained the city will be taking public input about the marijuana topic in general, including land use regulations (buffers), sales, processing, etc.  The Planning Commission will continue to discuss it – and if and/or when a recommendation does go to council for consideration, it would be in March or April.

Community members wishing to comment can do so at the Public Hearing or in writing and submit by December 7th at 5PM to City of Snoqualmie, PO Box 987, Snoqualmie, WA 98065, Attention: Mark Hofman, Community Development Director.


Photo: Center for Canabis and Social Policy.
Photo: Center for Canabis and Social Policy.




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  • Get your act together, Snoqualmie. I-502 passed in Nov. of 2012! The Valley is losing out on potential jobs and tax revenue to black market dealers and the lone recreational store in Issaquah.

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