WSP starts left lane violator emphasis, says ‘Save Camping for the wilderness, NOT the left lane’

I won’t lie… since moving to the Snoqualmie Valley, it’s been one of my biggest freeway driving frustrations between Issaquah and North Bend  – slow drivers in the left lane. I know the scenery is beautiful, but come on. The signs clearly state – “Slower Traffic Keep Right.”

Last year I even witnessed a Honda Prius driving under the 70mph speed limit in the LEFT lane WITH a King County Sheriff’s Office vehicle following closely, flashing its lights in an attempt to get the non-cooperative driver to vacate the left lane. Eventually the deputy was able to pass on the right when it became evident the Prius wasn’t moving for anyone. I sat there amazed at what I had witnessed, wishing it would’ve been a WSP trooper so a ticket could’ve been issued.

According to the Washington State Patrol (WSP), it has received numerous requests to address left lane “campers” in our state. In response to the requests, the WSP will be conducting a statewide focus of effort to address the left lane violators.

The focus of effort will take place this week from June 20-22, 2017.

State RCW 46.61.100 requires all vehicles to keep right except when passing on multiple lane roadways. Left lane “campers” are drivers who remain in the passing lane (left lane) for long periods of time without passing.

The WSP targets left lane violators to educate them on the consequences of “camping” in the left lane. Left lane camping can lead to road rage, aggressive driving, traffic congestion, and collisions.

If you’re caught camping in the left lane it could result in a $136 ticket. The WSP contacted 16,453 left lane violators last year.

Per press release the WSP said it would like to remind everyone to “save their camping for the wilderness and not the left lane” and help them avoid the negative consequences of left lane camping by keeping right except to pass.

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