Woodman Lodge – Happy, Happy Hour!

So it wasn’t a Wednesday (half off bottles of wine) Happy Hour at the Woodman Lodge…. but it was a very happy Thursday Happy Hour at the Woodman Lodge.

For those of you not familiar with the Woodman Lodge, it is the big,bright yellow restored building in downtown Snoqualmie… right by the railroad depot. It was built around the turn of the century, restored a few years back and turned into a fabulous restaurant. This is the 5th time I had been here, but my first happy hour…. and happy it was…..

We joined some friends to celebrate new careers and say goodbye to old ones. We cut up old corporate credit cards…. canceled by former employers months ago…. but the act still fun and liberating. We celebrated friends finding new careers in the NW — no relocating necessary. The company was great…..

I know I mentioned before loving a good deal – which I do! I also enjoy having the food and wine equal what I feel the check should be – usually based on how much I enjoyed myself:) Well, happy hour at the Woodman Lodge did NOT disappoint! The wine by the glass was $3 off and appetizers were half price.

I have 4 children…. eating out with them is sometimes painful and always expensive – especially since two of them surpassed the kids’ menu age. If we can leave a (decent/nice) restaurant with a $50 tab it is miracle! The only time we brought them to the Woodman (son’s birthday dinner) the bill was $200! Don’t freak out! There was an expensive bottle of wine appetizers and desserts included.

Anyway, we sat at the Woodman for over two hours. My husband and I each had a few glasses of wine, appetizers and dessert. We enjoyed the company and the atmosphere. Avery, the wine sommelia, and John, the bartender, only made the experience more memorable. Wow, do they know their stuff!

In the end it cost us $75. As my husband put it, it was the best $75 (included a 20% tip) we had spent at a restaurant in a long time…. and there were no kids to discipline! If you get a chance, give it a try. There is a really good chance you will spend even less than us….we try more wines than most. It’s worth the trip. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The restaurant is beautiful and tells a great story…. and wow the food smells amazing the minute you walk in the door!

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